After reading this article your doubts like How to do Lycamobile Top-up Online, data package, call package, SMS package, etc. will be cleared. It is founded in 2006, it provides low cost national and international calls, texts and data. Currently, there are 15 million customers connected over 23 countries to it. Lycamobile has connected its customers with their loved ones across oceans and border networks at the cheapest possible price and Lycamobile have become the largest low-cost intentional provider. Lycamobile sells international sim cards to make international calls to their customers. Let’s know how to do Lycamobile Top-up online.

Lycamobile recharge or top up online

1. Lycamobile Top Up Online.

First of all, open the official website of Lycamobile with the help of any browser. By clicking the given link you will be redirected to the official website of Lycamobile.

After, clicking the above link you will see a page which is given below. Now choose your Lycamobile country. I am choosing Australia just for an example to show you how all the process happens. You have to choose your Lycamobile country.

Lycamobile recharge or top up online select country

After, you will find a lot of offers. If you are already an existing customer, of Lycamobile then you can directly Recharge your Lycamobile Sim Card, but if you are a new customer then, you have to register first of all and then you will be able to recharge your Lycamobile account.

Lycamobile recharge or top up, register online

2. Register yourself-: New user has to register before using it, if he/she does not register then he/she can not get top-up or recharge. After clicking to your Lycamobile country, you will find many offers and for registration to a new customer scroll down the page.

This kind of interface will appear and you have to click on ‘join us’. This is a first step where you have to apply for a sim card and fill all the relevant details. Next step is to verify your Sim card after verifying your sim you can Recharge your Lycamobile account or Sim card.

  • In step 1, apply for a new sim card and while applying it you have to fill personal details like full name, email address, alternative contact number, house no, street, postcode, and suburbs.
  • In step 2, verify your received sim card while verifying it, put the sim card in an unlocked device. Find your ICCID and PUCK number which is printed on the sim holder. With the help of PUCK number, verify your sim card.

3. Recharge or Top-up-: Now you have registered on the web of Lycamobile, and you can easily Recharge your sim card or Lycamobile account by following certain guidelines. As I told previously that you have to choose your Lycamobile country. Lycamobile country is the place where you live. After that, you will find a lot of offers, Recharge as per your requirements, here I am taking Australia as my Lycamobile country just for an example.

  • Click on the ‘Existing customers’ and fill all the related details like Lycamobile number, confirmation number, email, and recharge amount or bundle price.
  • Fill the order details in a second step.
  • After the second step, the next step is payment. You can pay directly through your bank account with the help of debit or credit card. Another option to pay the money is PayPal. You can pay either with PayPal or bank.
Lycamobile recharge or top up mobile number

Lycamobile recharge or top up information summary

1. Different online Recharge offers

There are various offers on Lycamobile website and it totally depends on your Lycamobile country. There are different-different offers for different countries. I am choosing Australia just for an example to provide you an idea about data, SMS, texts and calling rate for that country.

1. $9.90 Offer-: In this particular offer you get validity of 28 days and after the validity, the offer will vanish, you can’t use it after the validity.

Call Package-: Call limit is unlimited for national talk and from Lycamobile to Lycamobile in the country.
Time duration-: There is a certain condition to the time limit for this offer. 30 minutes for countries like Bangladesh, Croatia, Cambodia and 10 minutes for countries like Canada and China.
Text-: Text is unlimited for the national region and there is a certain boundary for international regions.
Data Package-: In this offer, you will get 6GB, 4G data.

You can communicate internationally in certain countries only like Bangladesh, Cambodia, Pakistan, Japan, Croatia, Turkey, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam. You can’t communicate in all the countries. Communication can be done in those countries, only of which are named under this package.

2. $22.50 Offer-: In this offer, you get same validity of 28 days as I mentioned in $9.90 offer. After expiring the validity, you can’t use it.

Call package-: There is unlimited call limit for communicating in national and from Lycamobile to Lycamobile in the country.
Time duration-: User can communicate 300 minutes for countries like Bangladesh, Croatia, Cambodia and 100 minutes for countries like Canada, China and many more.
Data Package-: In this offer, you will get 9GB,4G data.
Texts or SMS-: Text is unlimited for national regions and there is a certain boundary for international regions.

There are 56 countries under this offer and you can easily communicate in any of the countries.
Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Macedonia, Netherlands, Norway,  Tunisia, Ukraine, South Africa, the UK and the USA, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal.

Note-: As I mentioned before that I am taking Australia as an example to clarify the basic concept behind Lycamobile. All the above information is for Australia. There may be some differences for different – different Lycamobile countries but the basic concept will always remain the same. You can correlate this concept to your own country by following all the steps as mentioned. 

It completely depends on you that which offer is suitable for you. All the offers will possess the same kind of stuff but their limits vary according to their prices. In some offers, you may find that the limit of call duration, data limit, SMS package, and time duration is very low in comparison to another offer due to their price differences.

Choose any plan as per your requirements because there is a certain validity after which you can’t exceed that particular plan. Offers differ from country to country. It is not necessary that there should be the same specifications for the same price in different-different countries, in some countries you may get more benefits and in some, you may get fewer benefits.

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