Are you in need of running your iOS
apps on windows? Are you using windows 10, 8 or Windows 7 and would like to
know the best iOS emulator that will run your iOS apps? Are you in need of
knowing the best iOS
to use for your windows? Do you also possess an iPhone but running its apps
being the main challenge or even a laptop and desktop containing windows 10,
8 or 7? Then this is the right place for you. Running iOS Apps has been one
of the great challenges of possessing iOS devices with many people having
complaints of running their applications.

The use of iOS devices is quite different from those of Android devices that
can be compatible with your windows on your laptop very easily. The iOS
devices will always require some iOS emulators such that it will be enabled
to compact with the Windows in your laptop or desktop.

 Many people usually face challenges on data transfer. One also might
be in need of running the iOS apps on the laptop or a desktop which will
require an iOS emulator
to enable the application to run. With this information, one will be to use
the iOS Apps without necessarily having the Apple devices such as iPhones
since one will just require the iOS emulator to run the apps.

ios emulators for pc

In this article, I am going to cover on 20 best iOS emulators that you can
use for your window 10/8/7 so that you can be able to run the iOS Apps. The
iOS emulators will normally change the operating system environment of your
device such that it becomes similar to that of iOS devices. This will enable
you to enjoy the iOS Apps which in most cases contain additional features
compared to the android apps.

The following are the best iOS emulators for your Windows 10/8/7 to run
your iOS Apps. Most of these iOS emulators will be available to the
windows, other for Mac while others are available for online use.

1. SmartFace

This is a more professional since its operations have been based on
developing other iOS emulators and determining whether the iOS emulators are
working or not. This makes it be on a higher note compared to other iOS
emulators. It is quite expensive since it is mainly meant to be used by
professionals though it still offers a free version for the trial of a user
who would want to use this iOS emulator.


This iOS emulator usually works best in cases where one has a variety of iOS
Apps in which it is used in monitoring the rest of the apps whether they are
working correctly. This is one of the most iOS emulator containing a variety
of features that since it works as a monitor to the other iOS emulators

 Download smartface


The best part of this app is that you one obtains it free at no cost. In
addition to this, the iOS emulator is very easy to use compared to other iOS
emulators and simple. This allows a common person without much knowledge on
the use of iOS Apps to be able to use the app without challenges facing him/

The user is just required to synchronize the iOS App with this iOS emulator
and the application will then be ready for use. The main aim of this iOS
emulator is to what extent is it easy and simple for the user to use.
Finally, the iOS emulator is multi-purpose in that it can be used in-game
playing for the iOS Apps and also can be used in testing the cross-platform


3. iPadian

This is also a very easy and simple iOS emulator to use for running your iOS
Apps. This iOS emulator can be used by the normal users who don’t require
high knowledge on using the iOS emulators and, in addition, it can also be
used by the professionals hence working as a two-way traffic iOS emulator.

The reason towards it working as two-way traffic is because the iOS emulator
is flexible in which though being used by professionals; it has simple
installation process and simple to use. On its best part, this iOS emulator
will provide you with a users interface that is both friendly to you and
also very easy to use and understand.

Download iPadian


This application is a bit humorous as the name seem to be related to
chef-like areas with its actual use being on the running the iOS Apps hence
acting as an iOS emulator. This iOS emulator allows you to run your iOS Apps
and also in developing cross-platform for your iOS Apps.

The App after its download can be used by the user for 100 hours as a trial
after which the user is then required to pay for the service at a rate of
$0.05 in one hour.


5. AIR iPhone 

This will create a virtue iPhone device on your laptop or computer that
makes the view similar to an iPhone’s actual screen. In addition to this, it
supports Adobe AIR framework. This, therefore, makes the programs thereby to
be similar and have the same outlook of the iOS devices.

AIR iPhone installation is usually free in which installation is done
together with the AIR framework

Download AIR iPhone

6. iPhone Simulator

This is an iOS emulator majorly used for the running of the iOS games
through providing features that enable the iOS games to run without the
necessity of an iOS device. In this, replication can be done of the iPhone
on the windows in which the iPhone simulator will support the playing of
games on the new device.

The iOS emulator is well renowned for having quality and excellent graphics
making the iPhone’s game look natural on your PC. This iOS emulator is free
with no charge based on it making it more efficient and profound to choose
in the iOS emulators. This emulator is easy to use making it effective for
both the professional and intermediate users.

Download iPhone Simulator

7. Xamarin TestFlight

This is the first official Apple iOS Emulator whose main purpose is to test
the apps developed by the iOS group. This is a more complex emulator and
will be of best use to the professionals though it can work well in either.

This iOS emulator has a limitation in which the intermediate person in its
use can only use this emulator on apps that have been developed to be run on
iOS 8.0 or one that exceeds it.

Download Xamarin TestFlight

8. Electric Mobile Studio

This is a professional iOS emulator meant to be used by professionals
containing many features with it. These features can be used both for
developing web on both iPhone and iPad. Its full version can be obtained
through purchasing this emulator at $40 from its website but also contains a
free trial that is available to the user.

This iOS emulator will tend to work on all areas of the iOS applications
which will be very useful to the professional who is aiming at getting an
emulator very efficient in all its use.

Download Electric Mobile Studio

9. Ripple

This is an iOS emulator used in the testing of old and other new
applications that works as a chrome extension. This makes it easy as no
installation and the setup process is required by the user since it will
require just to be added as an extension in the chrome.

In addition, this iOS emulator is used in the development of the new apps
making it very effective. The limitation only comes to the point where the
user doesn’t have the chrome browser in which the emulator is added to.

Download Ripple

10. iMAME

This iOS emulator is majorly focused on enabling the user to play the iOS
games on his/her own PC. It has rare chances of misbehaving leading to
issues. The iOS emulator will take care majorly on specific features which
are majorly on the iOS games in which it can run all iOS games with
high-quality graphics.

Download iMAME

11. Xamarin

This is one of the latest iOS emulators to run your iOS Apps on your
personal computer by using windows. This iOS emulator tests the
compatibility of cross-platform apps by the use of windows. This iOS
emulator is majorly used for app developments and therefore majorly a
necessity for the professionals. It is compatible with Mac, Linux, and

Download Xamarin

12. Ideas Emulator

This iOS emulator works less on running the iOS Apps and has, in addition,
not been receiving its updates on the new features on iOS developments
though being a functional emulator. The iOS emulator is less recommended to
be used due to its limitations.

Download Ideas Emulator

13. Remoted iOS Simulator

It is a product of Xamarin in which one can use this in the testing of iOS
Apps on the PC. This iOS emulator can be debugged by the use of the windows
Visual Studio Enterprise. The iOS emulator is compatible with windows on
laptops or desktops.

Download Remoted iOS Simulator

14. iPad Simulator

This is another form of iPhone simulator that assists in the running of the
iOS features from your Windows PC. This iOS emulator is a chrome extension
which requires one when using, to be online and also use the chrome browser
so as to access this emulator. The iPad simulator has been replaced by the
iPhone simulator hence not recommended to be used.

  Download  iPad Simulator

15. Nintendo 3DS Emulator

This is an iOS emulator to run the iOS games in which it provides a variety
of options to the game users in which they can play the Nintendo games. In
addition, this iOS emulator is available for free.

  Download Nintendo 3DS Emulator



iOS emulators are very beneficial to users as one is able to enjoy the
services meant to be for the people who own the iOS devices. A right choice
in the iOS emulator to use will determine how one enjoys the services.

With these best iOS emulator for Windows 10/8/7 and Mac, on now can run the iOS Apps
despite their locations which would be lacking the devices on the market.
This, therefore, brings a solution to many persons who desire in using the
iOS Devices.

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