Shortening the URL goes compact in hands. Shrinking the Original URL without changing the meaning is an effective and efficient way. It has become more popular because of social sites like Facebook, Twitter and so on. 

In other words, shortening the URL increases the website traffic (increase in the number of visitors). 

There is N number of URL free shortening service websites available online which also allows users to earn money online. The top 10 url Shortener list is provided for your reference below.

1. (retired) occupies the first position apart from so many shortening services because it is user-friendly. a product of Google Company is the best URL shortener voted by many numbers of users. only takes a fraction of seconds to shorten the URL. And By logging with your google account, they provide you with all the history of your previous records.

2. and battles for the first position. Like, also allows you to track the history once you create an account. They are quick and accurate and accessibility is quite easy. Instructions are easy to read, understand and follow.


Hootsuite is a platform, free for the Twitter users to manage their tweets. is a website URL shortening service provided by hoot suite. This platform is mainly concerned with professionals. As tweeting become more common, the use of is rapidly increasing and sets the fire in the social media sites.


There were a  lot of URL shortening website that pays the users in order to increase the web traffic. is one of those websites that pays you online. You are allowed to access a bulk of content in one go. 20 URLs are allowed to be shortened in the same time in a consistent manner. The owner of the high number of websites can use this to change the current URL and make them crisp.

5. is another shortening URL service and it is available for free usage. Real-time traffic statistics is accessible by using It has increasing popularity in recent days as it is simple and eases to use.

6. Shorten URL

IOS & Android app to shorten URL:

As the number of mobiles and other gadget users is constantly in increase the iOS and android application provide online tools to shorten the URL. is one of the best examples that are available in the form of application in iOS. Android application has a vast number of shortening applications in their market place. Single press to download app and go handy.

7. TinyURL

The name itself aims to relate the purpose of this service. As the name suggests, “Tiny” means small, the next free URL shortening service that is available online. The website is very traditional and basic. Just copy and paste is enough to be studied by the user to understand this website.


Threely by its name, it p is the shortest of the entire URL shortening service. And hence one of the best URL Shortener sites. The enhanced service of Threely is they provide the users with the QR, so the QR code can be scanned by the users to follow up your link. It provides you a tight security.

9. the next URL shortening service provides a long history and is one of the first URL shortening services to integrate an ad network. It is easy to access and use. Enhance the web traffic for your websites. It also acts as an advertising network. The pay differs according to the websites that offer the service.

10. is a free URL shortening service and it is modern with a twist. Register your account for free and you can get paid for creating website traffic (increase in the number of visitors). But these days there are so many websites offers pay through PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill and other online accounts. It is another fast growing URL shortening service that guarantees with the pay for every number of visitors or viewers.

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