21 Best Apps To Listen To Music Without WiFi For IOS and Android

Listening to music in free time is almost everyone’s favorite hobby. Music
makes mind and soul comfortable and soothes your moods. Hearing songs
through your devices provides you with great ease, but when you have to pay
for them it is a bit expensive. So many people rely on upon without the need
for WiFi or internet connection

Here we provide the best
music apps
without WiFi for Android or iOS users. Not all free music player apps have a
great interface to work with. Sometimes they test user’s patience and
irritate them. Without getting tensed and irritated, we are here with
research on such apps to help you find the best possible apps for Android or
iOS users.
Check out the list of top 21 free & premium music apps that don’t
need WiFi or data:

1. Google Play Music (discontinued)
Google Play Music

The Google Play Music app provides you millions of songs to the users for
free completely and available for both Android and iOS users. It is one of
the highest-rated music apps available in play stores. It is updated on a
regular basis to provide the users with the latest songs.

  • An ad-supported radio allowing you to give your music collection for up
    to 50,000 songs.

  • You can download as many songs as possible without being limited.
  • You can move to subscription for membership to YouTube in which it is
  • Can be used for both iOS and Android devices.

 Google Play Music download for
ios android

2. Sound Cloud

Sound Cloud

It is one of the top music streaming apps available for both Android and iOS
user. Sound cloud has a vast music collection, which also can be streamed
through social media. The app also contains a search option for the music
you need to download.

The app will, on another hand, require to be upgraded to SoundCloud Go where
the user needs to download music and listen to it while offline. KeepVid app
allows downloading Soundcloud music directly to your android or ios
phone. All you have to do is to just login into this app and can enjoy
all its features.

Sound Cloud for

3. Spotify


This is another best free music downloading app with the following features;

  • More than 30 million songs are available in this app.
  • Additional music in the App through updating done almost daily.
  • One can listen to different artists as well as their album.
  • Creation, editing, and sharing of one’s best playlists to listen to music later.
  • Music download both online and allow to listen while offline.
  • Compatible with both the iOS and Android devices and provides high-quality downloads.
  • User-friendly with the various types of music to meet the user’s expectation.
  • The limitation is that it does not give an option for saving your favorites hence need for new search each new time.
  • Top 10 users of Spotify from the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, Germany, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, France, Sweden.

Spotify download forandroidios

4. iHeartRadio

Covering everything from country and hip-hop to pop and news, iHeartRadio
produces streaming live AM/FM stations simple. It makes it possible to
select a music match for your frame of mind and set up your own customized
station from a collection pushing over 450, 000 totally different artists.

iHeartRadio download forandroidios

5. Pandora

This is one of the best downloader apps for music that is available in both
the iOS and Android devices. With the app, you can listen to music while
offline, and replay the music unlimited time. The app will need to be
upgraded at a small cost where you will need to use extra features such as
the use of the Pandora Plus which is ad-free.

Pandora download forandroidios

6. Apple Music
Apple Music

This is a downloader app available for iOS devices and Android devices. It
uses the iTunes Radio service and the iTunes Match provided for free. The
app will allow you to listen to any kind of music as it contains more than
30 million songs in its playlists. You can listen to music while offline, as
long as the music was downloaded and saved. It contains many playlists with
a variety of genre that has been created by expert in music.

Apple Music download forandroidios

7. Amazon Music
Amazon Music

This application is available for both the Android and iOS device that
offers more than 10 million songs and additional weekly releases for the
songs in the new market. It will provide albums, playlists, and songs
for your device in which you can listen while offline. It comes with
other features for kindle e-books, video streaming, free shipping, and
cloud storage.

Amazon Music download forandroidios

8. Gaana

This app allows you to download and have unlimited access to the best
Bollywood Music, Hindi Songs, Tamil Music, Telugu music, Kannada, English
songs and Radio Mirchi in your Android device. In addition, it allows you to
access other popular albums for your best MP3 music. The app also allows one
to play the Gaana online radio that streams genres. Playlists available in
this app include; Sad Songs, Devotional, Romantic Hits, Rock, Bhajans, and

Gaana Music download forandroidios

9. Deezer

The Deezer is one of the most loved music player apps by the music
lovers available for both iOS and Android users. It has a good endless
music collection through which you can create your favorite playlist and
can browse through different genres. You can also get lyrics for the
songs so you can enjoy in the fullest way. You can download songs and
can play them on your device offline. if you cannot look for what you’re
seeking, Deezer also allows you import your most popular MP3 music.

 Deezer download for
ios android

10. Napster Music

Napster Music

This is one of the best downloader app characterized by the ability to
provide the most recent music in its playlist. It can download a variety
of playlists without any limitation on the number of playlists to be saved
which can be used in listening to the music while offline. It will be of
great benefit to the music listeners who need to update themselves with
new artists and new music produced at the latest dates.

Napster Downloader download for

11. JioSaavn
Jiosaavn app

JioSaavn is a music and radio app. You can listen to the live streaming of
your favorite genre music anytime, anywhere completely for free with
JioSaavn. You can listen to your favorite band’s music here in JioSaavn
completely for free and live through the radio. It is available for both
Android and iOS users completely for free.

Saavn download for
ios android

12. Wynk Music
Wynk Music app

Wynk is a free music app available for both iOS and Android users for
free. It has a numerous collection of songs. You can also get songs in
your regional languages. Songs from different genres are available in Wynk
music app. This app is regularly updated with new releases.

 Wynk download for

13. Slacker Radio
slacker radio app

It is different from its kind of apps available. You can tune to your
favorite streaming station and can enjoy live music anytime you would like
to enjoy the music. Slacker Radio offers a wide range of music and also
you can catch up the live talk shows which are exclusive on Slacker radio
completely without having an internet connection to your device. Sounds
great right! Then what are you waiting for? Go get it and enjoy your
favorite music with this app.

 Slacker radio download for android

14. Microsoft Groove
microsoft groove

One of the leading music apps available in play stores for free. It has a
vast collection of music. It leaves the users a great and soothing
experience with its user-friendly interface. You can browse and enjoy music
easily with the help of this app. It is a must try the app, one can say
after using it. This is available for both Android and iOS users. (it’s
retired for android and ios)

 Microsoft Groove download for ios Android

15. Song Flip
song flip app

This is one of the best of its kind of apps available for iOS users for free
completely. It is the most liked apps available in Apple play store for its
users. Song flip offers a wide range of songs and the interface is too good
to use.

 Song Flip download for
ios android

16. Mazika

Mazika app

Mazika, the user-friendly Music system App that allows you to listen to
Mazika Radio, look for all the songs, artists, and albums of your choice,
from thousands of accessible track. As normal find out the latest, most
well-known and most suggested tracks, albums and artists. Personalize your
song experience by creating playlists from your chosen music.

Mazika download for androidios

17. Equalizer
Equalizer app

The Equalizer is one of the most used music player available in play stores
and is available for free without the use of the internet. It is a 3-in-1
music app with an equalizer, bass booster and a music player which plays
your favorite tracks. You can listen to the all-time hit songs and can
browse through the vast collection of tracks here.

 Equalizer download for ios android

18. jet audio music player
jet audio music player app

The jet audio music player app is available for both Android and iOS users.
If you like to hear the music with some extra effects, then this is the best
choice and specially designed keeping people of your kind in mind. This app
supports different kinds of music files and has tons of list and genres

 Jet audio music player download for
ios android

19. VLC for Mobile
VLC for Mobile app

You can not only view your videos of any format in the VLC player but can
also listen to songs through this app. This is available for both iOS and
Android users for free. T contains a vast range of media for the users to
enjoy the music in the fullest form. It allows the user to synchronize their
playlist to the clouds which save you space in the device.

VLC download for
ios android

20. Shazam

Shazam is a complete offline music recognition app which attracts almost 100
million users regularly. This app is available for both Android and iOS
users developed by Shazam Entertainment Limited. You can view the song video
and also can get the lyrics of every song even if you are offline.

shazam app

This is similar to the Google play music app (Android users) which is
available for iOS users. Search for your favorite song and enjoy them in
offline mode completely. You can create your own playlist, sort the songs
according to your interest and you can enjoy the music all the way along with
this app.

Shazam download for androidios

21. Musixmatch Lyrics
Musixmatch Lyrics app

This is for Android users developed by Musix Match, which allows the users to
get the songs with their lyrics synchronized by Pandora, Spotify, YouTube and
much more. It also can be used to get the translation of the songs on the go.
Musix match app includes your local language and international songs which is
one of the most downloaded music apps at play stores.

Musix Match download for
ios android


This is our latest updated
list of best music apps
to listen to music without internet or Wi-Fi for iOS and Android phone.
Download your favorite music player from the list and enjoy the music for
free without the use of the internet anymore.

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