Language conversion is a major issue and problem that is faced by many language translators especially to marginalized languages groups in the world. These marginalized groups are required to adapt and learn the common languages used worldwide so as to enhance communication among them through deals such as trading with the foreigners and obtaining some information that is provided at international languages only such as the English language. The major sources of translations for languages from one language to another include: using applications, use of websites and language dictionaries.

Tamil is a mainly spoken language of the Dravidian language spoken by the Tamil people located at Sri Lanka and India. This is an official language of two states which include; Singapore and Sri Lanka. Though being referred to as one of the classical languages in the world, it has indicated some positivity through being one of the languages used in Malaysia.

English to tamil translators

English language on the other handled by the great impact by the British Kingdom has spread to most parts of the world making it one of the most learned languages in the world with many international bodies having it as their official language, an example of the United Nations. With this, most of international agreements and information are passed in the English language which therefore necessitates for easier ways to translate so as to attain the information at the local language.

Tamil Language Translator Online Web Apps

1. Google Translator

This is a language translator that is to detect any language typed on a blank box provided for typing words. The words can either be typed or pasted into the blank box. Google translator translates simultaneously as the text are being typed in the box to another blank box on the right which gives the translation in the new language such as providing the result on the right box on Tamil where the user types the English words on the left box.
In addition, Google translator can provide a meaning of a word indicated at the bottom of the box with both the translated language and the original language acting as a dictionary. Google translator can also read the word written aloud but offered on the language set on the device being used.

2. English to Tamil Translator

This is an online translator that usually translates English to Tamil automatically. Online translators translate simple and short sentences from one language to the other.

3. WorldLingo free online Translator

WorldLingo offers translation for fifteen languages that are the commonly used languages in the world. This makes it a challenge in the provision of translation for marginal languages. It offers a type or pastes service in which the user can type the words or paste them to the blank box and then click ‘translate’ which then translates the words into a new box with the new translated language.

 4. Test-to-Speech Translator

This is a translator which offers translation from one language to another in the form of written words and speech for the translated text. One must have enabled the Adobe Flash player to enable effective translation. This translator offer translation into 25 languages with their subgroups.

Tamil Language Translator Mobile Apps

Android Language Translator Apps

This is among the best translators that lead the Android Translation Market. Using this application, one can translate words into more than 60 languages all over the world which makes it the most efficient as it offers translation even to the marginal languages.

This is an application which can be downloaded from the internet which can be used by Tamil speakers whose desire is to communicate in English or aspiring to improve their knowledge in the English language. The dictionary is composed of ten thousandths words which can be searched directly from the dictionary or which can be scrolled.

3. Transzilla Translator

This is an app available for Android phones which uses google translate enabling it to support 50 languages all over the world. It is usually very useful for translating sentences and words in which one types the words and the clicks on ‘Go’ for the translation.

 4. Translate Translator

This is a language translator that translates texts into more than fifty other languages using the translating services offered by Google.

5. Microsoft Translator

This is a free and a personal translator app for over 60 languages that are available on the Android Phones. This application normally translates texts, camera photos, conversation, voices, and screenshots. In addition, this translator also offers services to download languages such that one can translate while offline without any extra charges.

IOS  Language Translator Apps

1. SayHi Translate

This application offer translation for more than 100 languages all over the world. It offers sharing options for the translations offered which is in most cases accurate to its translations. One can also retrieve the old conversations from the history of the translations.

2. iTranslate

This application supports for translation on over eighty languages. In addition, it also offers a dictionary that assists one in getting an accurate translation of the word to be translated. This application also contains prediction services while typing the texts for translation.

3. Translate Professional

This translator application offer translation for more than fifty languages that does not require any internet connection for it to translate. The application offers an audio voice for the translated language so as to know the pronunciation of the language translated

Benefits of English to Tamil Translator

  • Use of a translator is a convenient method of translation, especially where the user requires translation in different areas and fields where it will not be efficient to carry along a printed dictionary. This will mainly be of great importance to a Tamil speaker in cases where they have traveled to English speaking countries. A translator will, therefore, be the most effective tool and fast compared to the use of a dictionary.
  •  English to Tamil Translators is a quick and fast method for translation of a language compared to reading a text from a written book or from words in a screen. Some translators also move to the extent in which they can capture a speech in the English language and then translate it to the Tamil language.
  •  Some translators can speak out loud the translated language such that when the translator is provided with an English sentence, it will read aloud the sentence in Tamil that makes it easier for the user to understand compared to one’s attempts to pronounce the words.
  •  English to Tamil Translators can translate a full sentence or a paragraph compared to the use of a dictionary which requires the user to search one word at a time. This makes the user to enjoy a quick method of translation hence the use of English to Tamil translation becomes an efficient method for communication between parties of English and Tamil languages.

Disadvantages of Translators

Though translators are beneficial to the users, they have some disadvantages that limit their use and make them inefficient in their usage. Some of the disadvantages of using translators include:

  • Some translators require the user to type each word at a time while the translator translates each word on the input of the space button. This is some cases reduces the pasting options that would translate many words at a time and hence make it a slow method. 
  • Though translators will give the user a point across, they do not accurately provide the translation as they do not capture the clear meaning intended by the communicator. Words which have different meaning to the direct meaning hence leading to a wrong interpretation. Metaphoric word, in this case, could be affected on the great extent since their meaning is usually not direct.

Benefits of English to Tamil Dictionary

  • This dictionary is advantageous to the user in a great extent which includes the following benefits:
  •  The English to Tamil Dictionary usually contain an entry feature on each page where the user can include his or her personal notes for future references. In this gaps left out, the user can indicate the understanding he/she would not like to forget in the future.
  •  Despite the English to Tamil Dictionary main aim being to translate English words to Tamil, one can also access a Tamil word into English word which makes it a two way beneficial tool for translation.
  •  This application runs without any internet connections and hence making it more efficient in   provision of translation services without any extra added costs in it.
  •  This dictionary usually contains predictive features while searching of words to translate. This makes it easier to the user at cases where they aren’t sure of the spelling of the words in English hence minimizing these mistakes.


  • The application can only be available to Android devices such.
  • It contains a Word Jumble Game that aims at assisting the user train identifying and spelling words in English. 
  • This game though intended for fun, it is not effective since the word is chosen and used by it are vague words and they are the more commonly used words in English. This game also in most cases is not usually clear to a new user of the dictionary.
  • Translation can only be done on each individual word and hence too slow since one cannot translate a full sentence.


With the great need of language translation from English to the Tamil language, there has been a great need to use the most efficient methods for translating which include choosing between the use of dictionaries and translators. The use of dictionaries for translation is viewed as the best method of translation as the clear meaning of the communicator is portrayed to its full extent and hence it is preferably a necessity to use dictionaries in translation since they are more reliable to give the right message.

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