Everybody wants to look cool with cool graphics, images, or arts on their screens. And no doubt, we get awestruck as soon as we see something unique on our friend’s phone PC. Many pictures that we see are not free due to the effort put into it white making the graphics. But nowadays everybody has access to these breathtaking pieces in High Definition Quality (HD) for free thanks to various online tools. Thousands of websites offer free HD wallpapers nowadays, but only a few of them can be counted as genuine and can allow you to use their images for free. So let us discuss certain websites where you can get awesome HD wallpapers and pictures for your personal use for free.

1 Deviantart-

DeviantArt is a site which is a “must visit” place for best HD unique wallpapers. If you are an art enthusiast and want some cool artworks ranging from graphics to abstract, then DeviantArt is the best place for you. Originally DeviantArt is an online community where people share their photos, videos, graphics, etc. without any copyright issues. So you can get some cool graphics and easily download HD quality stock photos, wallpapers, etc. for your PC or mobile phones.

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2. Wallpaperswide-

Wallpaperswide features extensive collection of beautiful HD Wallpapers on various niches like animals, architecture, computer, nature, celebrity, artistic, etc. images are easily downloadable and can be used for any personal purpose without any issues. Also, the varieties of images are more, and you get to choose the quality of the picture you wish to download.

3. Wallpaper stock-

Wallpaper stock is a hub of a large variety of stock photos for any use. You can download any stock photo in highest resolution without the risk of infringement. You can download best quality desktop wallpapers either by resolution or by category. Also, their collections have some cool wallpaper under “nature” category which is a must-see for all users.

4. Vladstudio-

Starting from HD quality Christmas wallpapers to cool iPhone wallpapers, Vladstudio has it all. The site was created by Russian artist Vlad Gerasimov, to promote his artworks and images. Now, this site is a hub for best quality wallpapers of various ranges. This site has an option to go premium, and this would let you access a vast collection of Vlad’s personal images to PSD files.

5. Picky Wallpapers-

If you want some cool free wallpapers for your particular handset, then pick wallpapers are the best option for you. It offers an extensive collection of HD wallpapers of various categories for your devices and widescreen desktops. So next time you won’t have to fiddle with what wallpaper will best suit your handset. Also, this is a free platform where you can share your artworks and stock images as well.

6. Wallpaper Nexus-

You can download thousands of HD wallpapers from wallpaper nexus for free. All the wallpapers posted up on this site are entirely free and free from copyright issues. So you can use them to keep as your wallpapers in mobile phones or desktops. It is a must-try site for all stock art enthusiasts as it holds a variety of beautiful mesmerizing artworks in HD quality.

7. Interface Lift-

Interface lift has an extensive collection of HD wallpaper for any screen size. This site host’s high-resolution photographs of various objects and can be used for different purposes including commercial if taken permission. They have all original photos with the information related to the picture resolution, date and time and also which type of camera used to take the picture. So you can have some fresh photographs to keep as your wallpaper on your PC or Handset.

8. WallpaperSnow-

Wallpaper Snow received hundreds of unique pictures upload each day so that you get thousands of options to choose from. Also, this website features some really good nature stock photos that can be used for desktop screens and mobile wallpapers. These images come in HD format and can be used for any device like desktop, laptop, mobile, Phablets, Tablets, IPhones, etc. you can search for your choice wallpapers or upload your pictures to this site. So just register and have access to thousands of files in HD. you can also download free happy Dewali wallpapers in high quality

9. eWallpapers-

With over thousands of high-resolution images onboard, E-wallpaper features broad categories of images for any device. They have exclusive wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, iPod, PSP and even for dual monitors. So you never get out of choice on this site. Also, they provide you with a selection of the category like 3D, crafts, nature, etc. so that it gets easier for you to choose your wallpaper. All the stock images a

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