There are Professional PDF Editors available that will easily let you
convert a Word file to PDF format and vice versa. But these services are
expensive and are not feasible if you have one or just a few files that you
need to be converted quickly. The following 5 websites are free online
PDF/Word Converters with a few interesting, additional features. All of them
have easy user interfaces and will get your job done in just a few minutes:

1. PDF.Online

When you want to quickly convert your PDF or Word File to the other format,
all you want is to get the job done without having to give away your email
address, and then go through the tedious process of confirming your
subscription to the site’s spammy newsletter. On Convert PDF2Word which is
now, you are spared the horror of entering your Email

They have a very simple conversion process. You simply need to upload your
file onto their server and hit convert. In just a short while, you will have
your Word to PDF or PDF to Word file converted and ready. Their service is
always up and running at your disposal.

2. SmallPDF

Smallpdf is a free website that will allow you to convert your PDF
file to Word or vice-versa and to a host of other Office as well as Image
formats. Another exciting feature you will come across is the free PDF
editor. The mechanism to do all this is extremely simple and essentially the
same as in other free online converters.

All you should do is upload your file from the location on your computer and
hit the button. Without having to wait long, your converted file will be
ready to use with an untouched quality and file size. You also have the
flexibility of downloading the converted file directly or importing it to an
online Cloud Drive like DropBox or Google Drive.

3. PDFtoWord

Nitro DOC to PDF converter

From, you can either convert your files individually online or
install their desktop client that will be useful for converting many files
remotely. The desktop client is a trial version that you can use for a full
14 days and then decide if it’s worth paying for or not. 

Nevertheless, the
online converter is pretty simple to use. The only catch is that you need to
enter your Email address in order to get the converted file. When you
receive the Email from them, you will be able to download your file in one

4. PDF Burger

PDF Burger

PDF Burger provides a relief from spending hours converting one file after
another. Using the ‘Add Files’ button, you can choose multiple PDF or Word
Files on your computer for conversion. That’s not all. Once you’ve chosen
your files, PDF Burger lets you choose a ‘mode of conversion’. There are 3
conversion modes namely, a ‘Flowing Mode’ that is dedicated to Documents, an
‘Exact Mode’ that converts your file into a replica of the other format.

The third mode is an ‘OCR Mode’, that simply recognizes text from one file
and reproduces a file in the other format that you can edit. The OCR Mode is
offered as a Premium feature. PDF Burger is truly a one-stop destination
online for converting your files. The only drawback of this online service
is that the converted file has a larger file size.

5. CloudConvert


What sets CloudConvert apart from other online PDF/Word Converters is that
you can choose multiple files for conversion, either from your PC or from an
online cloud storage. There are pros as well as cons of using CloudConvert.
The good thing is that it has a very neat and easy User Interface that lets
you convert without much hassle.

What’s annoying about Cloud Convert is that you need to input your Email
address and wait for your converted file to be sent to your Email before you
can download it. Also, the file size of the converted file is very high
which makes CloudConvert difficult to use for many files.

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