English is the universal language, and the majority of the educated
population prefers communicating in English worldwide. Speaking and writing
are the two different pillars of communication. Speaking is talking directly
to the person and writing is creating error-free sentences to express the
author’s views that can be understood by the readers with ease. 

Writing error-free sentences in English for those individuals who do not
have it as the first language can be a challenge. Now with the use of
internet and internet based tools, one can rectify his shortcomings
regarding writing error-free texts. 

These online tools check your written material for errors, suggesting you
the right words or grammar to provide you error free articles to submit. We
will discuss some of the best grammar checking tools that you can use free
of cost.

sentence grammar checker

1. Grammarly

It is one of the most popular websites that people are using for quite a
long time. Peopletake it as the best free tool to check the grammatical
errors in an article. You can proofread your content with Grammarly and
rectify your grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, punctuation mistakes like
comma, apostrophe, sentence fragment, repetitive use of word and others. 

Sign up for the free version today itself for having a try at using
Grammarly features. Grammarly also possesses other efficient features like
Plagiarism check and vocabulary enhancement options in the premium version.

1.Ginger Software
Ginger software

It is one of the great tools to check grammar and is considered as one among
the best grammar checking and proofreading tools. It is helpful to correct
various mistakes like misused word, contextual spelling errors and several
others that you do while writing.
It increases your productivity and creativity. Thus it is ranked among one
of the best tools that you can use as a writer. This is available online and
can also be installed as software.

 3. After the Deadline
After the Deadline

This is another grammar and spelling checker tool that is entirely
power-packed. This is built by those people who invented the greatest
blogging platform in the world ‘WordPress’ the Automatic. 

It is a robust grammar checker tool that scrutinizes and rectifies even the
most minor mistakes in punctuation and grammar. To use it the user has to
upload the written content in doc format in the box that is present on the
website and then press the ‘Check Writing’ button to proceed.

4. Online Correction
Online Correction tool

Online correction is one of the most simple spelling and grammar
rectification tool. It is great to use for those people who prefer simpler
methods avoiding the heavy loading times and heavy graphics that is

This text box or text editors allows you to enter your data in the box
and provides the marked notification for each of the mistakes. The spelling
errors will be shown with a red underline. The grammar and diction are
marked with a green underline.

5. Paper Rater
Paper Rater

This is another plagiarism checker and online spelling checker tool that you
can use for free. It is not necessary for you to download it into your
device. To know if the content has any plagiarism or not, this tool compares
your text with ten million articles in the server to provide you the
accurate and best result that you need to have.

It is popular as a great proofreading and grammar checker tool for freelance
writers, students, and bloggers. The plagiarism does not mean the copied
text, but something that has been already written by the other writers that
you might have accidentally added to your material.

6. GrammarCheck.me


It is considered as one of the best writing portals. It is also known as the
coolest spelling and grammar error checker among other websites because of
it’s easy to navigate the site. This is because the site is created in an
uncluttered and simple way. It provides you formatting such as numbering and
indication etc.

7. Grammar Lookup
Grammar lookup

Grammar Lookup is a free grammar check online tool to find and fix grammar,
spelling and misused words, it’s easy to use and anybody can check their
papers in very less time, It uses a powerful algorithm to detect grammar
style errors and suggest you to correct them instantly, Just write a few
sentences or paste some text, by clicking the lookup button it will
highlight errors, click to choose from the suggestions, checking grammar and
spelling is now easy with this tool.

8. PunctuationCheck

punctuation check

Punctuation Check is basically an online tool, that help you detect
punctuation misplaced and suggestions on how to place on the proper place,
at the same time it check for spelling and grammar errors, this provide you
with a really good academic paper.


If you are a writer, then to create the best impression among the readers
you need to create error free articles or blogs that are interesting at the
same time. This is made possible with the help the mentioned tools. These
tools can be installed, downloaded or used online.

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