Playing the Nintendo 3DS games would be challenging in your Android devices or
in the iOS device. Running the Nintendo 3DS games will require the use of
emulators to ensure that the games can be played on your Android and iOS
mobile. The 3D view is the one that has led to the great challenge which on
the other hand is very interesting to play games on your phone with a 3D

Emulators are free and will allow you to play the games without the
use of the actual gaming console in which they will enable the games to run as
their real view is. Some of the best Nintendo 3DS emulators for Android and
iOS mobile are discussed in this article. They include

10 Best Nintendo 3DS Emulators for Android and iOS Mobile

1. NDS Boy Emulator

This is a very important emulator especially for the android devices with a
minimum RAM of 2GB. This emulator supports a variety of files making it
essential for use in enabling your Android and iOS mobiles to enable the
running of the Nintendo games. Some of the files supported by this emulator
include; zip, nds, rar, and 7z. 

This emulator will allow you to load and save states with additional features
of quick load, quick save and automatic saving. Where there are some game
crashes, one will not require starting from the beginning but what you need is
the adjustments of the display size and the customize buttons.

2. RetroArch Emulator

This is a Nintendo game emulator for the Android and iOS devices which will
support and be used in another gaming system such as the game boy, SNES and
play station. This emulator is able to support these video games from the
powerful interface i.e. Libretro that uses a feature known as OpenGL. 

It has cross-platform abilities making it be the recommended emulator to the
first users of emulators as they will find it easy in use. Using an ‘Online
updater’, you will be able to download the cores which are a requirement for
the use of this emulator. Other features from this emulator include; editing
controls, loading and entering cheats, directory scanning, multi-language
support with other additional collections to the gaming systems.

3. Pretendo NDS Emulator

This emulator supports the game files such as; .rom, .rar, .zip and .ds
format. After obtaining these files, you will be then required to open them in
the app. The emulator prevents you from beginning at the start at points of
crashes through the auto-save feature. The emulator, in addition, will improve
the performance by disabling graphics and sounds.

Download     Pretendo NDS Emulator for IOS

4. Drastic 3DS Emulator

This is one of the best Nintendo 3DS game emulators for your Android device as
well as the iOS devices. This is an emulator developed by Exophase a game
developer for the Android devices. 

This emulator contains a variety of
features which include personalizing your screen, the add-on controlling
support, advanced 3D graphics, auto-saving states, Google drive synchronize,
landscape or portrait supporting modes and fast-forwarding. This app will have
a pay to be made for its use but very important followed by the high-quality
performance by the emulator.

5. NDS4droid Emulator

This is one of the other best video game emulator supporting the Nintendo 3DS
games. The emulator is beneficial as it comes for free in use through its
download from the play store. It contains a variety of features which include;
audio and state saving, a variety of game support such as; .rar, .7z, and .ds. 

In addition, the emulator supports OUYA console making it one of the best
emulators for the Nintendo 3DS games. The game performance is improved by this
emulator through the deactivation of sound and in skipping frames. In
addition, you can customize controls and save the states.

Download   NDS4droid Emulator  for IOS

6. AseDS Emulator

This emulator will work perfectly for the android phones with the operating
system of 3.0 and above. It will support the gameplay of the Nintendo 3DS
games from a variety of its features found on this emulator. Some of its
features include; loading and saving of games, provide cheat codes, microphone
support, an interface for touchscreen, auto-rotation feature, customize

In addition to this, the emulator supports various ROM files which
include; .ds, .rom, and .zip. The emulator can be downloaded from the Google
play store or download the APK file then installing the emulator.

Download AseDS Emulator for IOS

7. Ultimate x3DSx Gold emulator

This is one of the fast pace Nintendo 3DS emulator with one of the most
updated features which are important for the use of your Android or iOS
devices. The features following this emulator include; touchscreen interface,
keypad, and Bluetooth feature. This makes it one of the best emulators due to
the unique features which prevent your phone from hanging while playing the
Nintendo games.

Download Ultimate x3DSx Gold emulator for IOS

8. Matsu PSX Emulator

This is another Nintendo 3DS emulator supporting the Nintendo games with other
64 game files. It contains a variety of features which include; loading of
state and game-saving, fast-forwarding. The emulator comes with the additional
benefit of being freely available for download and use. In addition, there are
no restrictions from this emulator.

9. The NDS Emulator

This emulator is usually available in two versions for the Android versions
Lollipop and for the Marshmallow. The emulator works best for the Android
devices though it can also be used for other devices such as the iOS device.
Some of the features of this emulator include; loading and saving the game,
editing the game screen.

Download The NDS emulator for IOS
10. 3DSE Emulator

This is one of the other best Nintendo emulator available for your Android and
iOS devices. This emulator is available for download from the Aptoide App
Store which requires the addition of the BIOS so that this emulator can

Download 3DSE Emulator for IOS

In conclusion, the use of the Nintendo emulator ensures that you enjoy the use
of the gameplay in your android devices as well as in your iOS. You don’t need
to be in worry of whether the games will run on your devices. What you need is
just download one emulator you love and have the games running on your device
as the actual game in their original state.

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