Are you a musician who loves to listen to music so as to increase your skills in music? Or do you need to get music downloading app for your Android or the iOS device followed by the multiple of downloads you need to carry? Then this is your immediate need as this article will give you various different free music download apps that you can use for your android as well as the iOS phone devices. Most Websites are listing music apps like Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, Iheart radio that needs to be paid subscription to download music but our listing has only free music downloader apps.

Downloading music without a music download app is very tedious and difficult. This is because one will need to search the specific music in his/her browser then download from the browser which normally takes time to get the original and the specific music you need. On the other hand, the use of free music download apps will provide you with features which make downloading and getting your music experience very exciting and easy to use.

Free Music Download Apps for android and ios

This has, therefore, led to the need for musicians and everyone downloading music to go for the music download apps. Below are some of the best free music download apps for the Android or the iOS.

1. GTunes 
GTunes Music Download

This is a free music Downloader app in which you are allowed to download any number of songs from the app. The app offers features for searching, downloading and listening of music without any complications in the controls for the music. It also offers an option of preview that ensures that you get the original copy of song rather than other the illegal copies that would end you up in trouble.

 It is very attractive as it is user-friendly as you can search for the song you need to download through the use of the song title, artist name or the album name. In addition, the music files can be downloaded to your device’s memory or on the SD card. This will be different from saving it to listen offline from the app.

GTunes Music download for android  ios

      2. 4Shared Music
      4Shared Music Download App

      This is another one of the best music download apps that majors on features for the sharing of videos, photos, and music. Some of the features for this app include;

      • A search option used in searching a file from the 4shared database.

      • Copying, moving, renaming, deleting, uploading, and downloading of files from the app to the device being used. This will then enable you to share with other devices.

      • Firewall protection for security purposes with the addition of protected files by use of password and scanning of available viruses.

      The app is limited by sharing size provided which is usually 100gb in sharing and receiving of files.

      4shared download for android ios

        3. Music Paradise Pro
        Music Paradise Pro

        This application will allow you to download music I form of MP3 for free. The music in this app is usually not copyrighted which allows you to completely download the music and then you can share it. Downloads from this app are all legal hence eliminating the danger of being sued due to downloading and using specific music.

        In addition, it provides music files from the most popular search engines. This makes the search for music very easy. The app will require you to just turn to enable installation from unknown sources as it is a third party application.

        Music Paradise Pro download for androidMusic Paradise Pro download for ios

        4. Music+

        This is more convenient for users who purchase music often since it allows for easy downloading without any struggles. The application allows for the recording as well as playback of the music without any problem. The app, in addition, can access the iTunes library giving you an update on the currently available music.

        Music+ download for android  ios

        5. Simple MP3 Downloader
        Simple MP3 Downloader App

        This will be used in downloading MP3 music for your Android and iOS devices. The usage of the app just requires you to search a specific song through the song name or the artist name, click on ‘search’ then click on the specific song you need to download.

        On clicking on the song between the lists provided, you will then be able to download the specific song. It will, additionally, provide the list of the MP3 songs downloaded in the download tab.

        Simple MP3 Downloader download for android  ios

          6. Free MP3 Downloads 

          Free MP3 Downloads App

          This is a downloader app that offers features for downloading, listening, and searching MP3 songs at no cost in a variety of languages. Some of the languages offered by this downloader app include; English, Russian, German, Indonesian, Lithuanian, and Brazilian Portuguese.

          The app offers songs only for personal use and not for commercial use which would be against their terms and conditions. In using the app, you will require to click on the ‘download’ tab then click on the search button where you indicate the song you need. After the results appear, click on the song you need and then download it.

          Free MP3 Downloads download for android ios

            7. MP3 Music Download
            MP3 Music Download

            This is a downloader app published under public domain or the creative commons attribution 3.0 which provides features for the free download of music from unknown artists published on the public domain. Some of the features by the app is free to download, search, music play while offline.

            The app also provides for the download of music lyrics, and album covers as well as downloading a variety of songs simultaneously up to three songs. Finally, it also offers a feature in which you can cut the music downloaded and use in the setting of the phone’s ringtone.

            MP3 Music Download download for android  ios

            8. Palco MP3
            Palco MP3

            This is a professional free music downloader app with more than one million songs that can be downloaded and listened to through your Android device. In addition, you can listen to different music styles from radio, create your own playlists and choose different artists and details about the


            Palco MP3 download for android  ios

              9. Music Download Paradise

              Music Download Paradise

              This is a free music downloader that allows you to search and download MP3 music on your Android device. It is disadvantaged by ads that pop up while using the app and the long-time has taken in downloading though with an assurance that the original song you need is the one being downloaded.

              In addition to these features, the app also has a free music player and download manager that allows for multiple downloads simultaneously.  It contains a library in which you can store the downloaded music.

              Music Download Paradise download for android ios

              10. Tidal Downloader
              Tidal Downloader App

              This is a free music downloader available for the iOS and the Android devices which provide music with high-quality sound, highly defined music videos and edited music by artists and experts. With the app, you can download music from different albums and playlists in the app.

              The app allows for listening to music while offline after downloading the music while online. The app is characterized by the high sound quality without loosing the original sound effects of the music hence the listener gets the original first hand sound effect.

              Tidal Downloader download for android  ios

                  11. Groove Music
                  Groove Music

                  This is a music downloader app accessible for the iOS and the Android devices. The app allows you to download albums, playlists, and music and you can then listen even while offline.

                  Groove Music download for android ios

                    12. Freegal Music
                    Freegal Music

                    This is a music downloader app for both the iOS and the Android devices that need some log in information so as to use the app. With this app, you can search and download music from the Freegal music collection that offers more than 9 million songs which is also composed of the catalog from the Sony music of your own country.

                    Freegal Music download for android  ios

                    13. MediaCloud 
                    MediaCloud  App

                    This app allows one to access the music files from a variety of cloud data storage areas which include; Google Drives, Dropbox and OneDrive. This downloader will only be compatible with the iOS devices.

                    It offers various language options which include Finnish, Czech, Indonesian, English, Malay, Japanese, Korean, Arabic etc. It, in addition, contains a music player app that can play different music formats such as the MP3, MP4, MOV, AVI, WAV, and M4A. The app then enables one to create playlists from the cloud databases.

                    MediaCloud Downloader download for android  ios

                    14. Free Song Notifier
                    Free Song Notifier  App

                    This is available in the iOS devices which can be used at no cost. It contains various offers which are available weekly. The app offers notifications on the entry of new music on the iTunes and that are available for downloading. To get the notifications for the new music, you will need to enable push notifications by customizing your app settings.

                    The app, in addition, provides information of the best 100 songs on YouTube accompanied by links which lead to download option. It also provides protection to avoid the users being inconvenienced in its use by having a variety of security features to be used by the users.

                    Free Song Notifier Downloader download for android  ios

                      15. Music Top 100 Hits Pro HD
                      Music Top 100 Hits Pro HD

                      This is a downloader application that is easy to use and available for the iOS devices. The application allows you to download from the top 100 music that are available from the iTunes. You can preview the top music available as well as download them from the app.

                      The app, in addition, allows you to save music downloaded on your favorites. It is available from a variety of countries making it easy to be used.

                      Music Top 100 Hits Pro HD download for android ios

                      16. Wynk Music
                      Wynk Music Downloader App

                      This application offers music with over 2.5 million songs for international and Indian music. In addition to this, it contains all types of genres in the music library including; Rock, Pop, Devotional, Bollywood, Bhangra, Romantic, Emotional, and Party Songs.

                       With the app, you can download the old and new songs from the playlists in the app with the different music. In addition, one can create his playlists according to his/her own preferences.

                      This app can also be used as a MP3 music player in listening to music. The app offers music in Indian local languages such as Tamil, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Bhojpuri, Marathi, Kannada, Bengali, Telugu, Gujarati songs e.t.c.

                      Wynk Music download for android  ios

                      17. MixDownloader

                      This application allows you to download as well as for synchronizing audio and radio by the use of a dropbox. The music can be played while offline with the app.  MixDownloader also allows you to create your own playlists in line with your own preferences, and sorting by artist names and the album names.

                      MixDownloader download for android  ios

                            18. Music Maniac
                            Music Maniac  App

                            This is a MP3 free music downloader app for Android devices allowing you to download songs for free through searching by the name of the song or by the name of the artist.

                            After the download, you can listen to the music while offline. Exceptionally, you can find other purchase music from the app usually the MP3 music from the very popular artists.

                            Music Maniac download for android ios

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