Minecraft a gaming phenomenon which has many qualities. Expressed from two words mine (dig) and craft (create or build). The game is flexible allowing gamers to create their world of fun. From the battlefield, alien world, heroes saving the world name it. Basically, the game has no rule no specific goal, you need only your imagination.

The game gives a different experience each time you play, with every game a new Minecraft is created. The world has unique features, terrains and live creature. Minecraft players can play with friends or alone and use two modes of gaming. This is:

  • Creative: This mode has unlimited stuff and terrains to help you enjoy the game. The players have full access to building material they are immortal and find everything thing fast.
  • Survival: The player has to find his/her way through the game.  Has to build structures and find food to avoid starvation. You will make weapons to defend yourself and always be alert.

The game has different levels, challenges and modification according to the players wish. However, this game can be hosted by different servers. Being an advantage to gamers who can a player on the server which suits them. Here are different free Minecraft game servers hosting sites.

mine craft game server sites

1. MCProHosting.com

  This a world most popular server provider. It has massive gaming library servers. MCPro is easy to create for new players and takes a fraction of a minute to install.
The server has qualities which attract you to it.

  • Unlimited storage: The server has no limits and provides vast space for users. You can create as many games with no worries of limited storage.
  •  Help center: The servers help team is always on call. There are no odd hours and solves your issue fast. Your problem is their concern, with e-mails hotline numbers you can reach their centers.
  • Hardware: It has double E5-2630 v3 processors with DDR4 ECC RAM. The server is equipped with Samsung SSDs on each box. In general, the hardware is powerful and reliable.
  • Strong back up The MCPro server has a proper way of storing information. It’s automatically set to store files long term. In case of a lost document, the server can retrieve them back.
  • Availability: You can access the server globally with no worry of where you live.

2. Minecraft-Hosting.pro

 This counts down as the best free Minecraft server, it can automatically be installed. It has direct access within a few minutes, here are the features it possesses

  • Hardware: It is well installed with an Intel Xeon E3-1240v2 processor strong enough for the server. Intel SSD, DDR3, and a 1 GBPS connection. Moreover, the hardware can handle online games.
  • Control panel: The server has the best control panel with features like file manager, personal server page and remote support.
  • Support team: The server support team works round the clock to ensure smooth running. They are easily available to all users and give 100% service.
  • Back up:  The server has two back up plans, automatic and manual which is available from 7 days. The user can choose and add to their control panel.
  • Storage: It has proper storage and no limits for stored files.
  • DDOs protection: The server is equipped with advanced DDOS protection to give extra security. External attacks can’t access the server.

3. Minecraftworlds.com

 This a recommended server for less-skilled personnel. It’s easy to use and readily available in the market. Minecraft worlds .com own server in the secure data center, with the protection of advance DDOS mitigation.

  • Control panel: The server doesn’t rely on multi-craft servers but their own system. Here you don’t need special computer knowledge for you can operate easily.
  •  Hardware: With well equip hardware of Intel Xeon E3-1245V2 processor, DDR3 Ram, and Intel SSD plus a 1Gbps connection.
  • Servers packs: A vast set of pre-installed mods, which you can install on your own. Example snapshots, FTB and Tekkit are some mods.
  • Access and support: The server is available 24/7 and the support team is always there to hear your queries.
  • Back up: You can be guaranteed of their back up system. All files can be retrieved even after 7 days.  
  • Friends donation: Other assist pay the server on your behalf

4. FluctisHosting.com

 Affordable server to all players, with great connectivity and quality service.

  • Control panel: The Minecraft games are in build for we make our own systems. The server is updated with new features from our client’s request.
  • Refund policy: The server has a 5-day refund policy after you pay. If issues arise on the server claim back within the said days. However technical problems are rare in this server.
  • Help center:  The support team is ready to listen and help answer the questions. Any problem will be solved, within a short time after reporting.
  • Hardware: To offer the best service fluids hosting runs on Intel Xeon processor.

5. Bisecthosting.com

 This server gives the best experience in free Minecraft server hosting. Possessing wonderful features which are listed below.

  • Back up: The server backs up 7 days, and premium servers are backed up every morning. All files are safe with Bisect server and can be retrieved any time.
  • Control panel: Feature of multi-craft is easy to use and quick to access. You manage the server and don’t have to computer literate.
  • DDOS Protection and Mod pack:  When the server is attacked don’t worry, DDOs protection is installed freely. With premium packages, you can play and install free of charge.
  • Help desk: The server help center responds fast within half an hour of reporting. No matter how far they can reach you.

6. BeastNode.com

 A powerful and reliable server with good features. High recommended for:

  • Hardware: Use the latest Intel Xeon processor a big Ram best for all the services.
  • Set up: It’s quick and installed in a few seconds.
  • Help center: A reliable team answering the questions and enquires. Issues are solved within minutes.
  • Control panel: The Minecraft and cloud VPS comes with their own control panel. It manages to monitor and control the server.
  • Affordable: The servers aim is to provide quality services which are affordable.

7. Meloncube.net

  An amazing server to use reliable and top in performance. It has several features like:

  • Control panel: A multi-craft control panel, powerful and simple to use. The user needs no skills to operate.
  •  Connection: This server is connected through premium and has a 1Gbps connection.
  • Multiple users: you can use the server with a bunch of friends. The server allows multiple accounts to access the control panel.
  • DDOS protection: The Minecraft server is protected by DDOS protection automatically mitigates the system.

8. Nitrous-networks.com

  High performing game server hosting Minecraft with the following features:

  • DDOS Protection: This server is well protected from all attacks. An installation of DDOS protection.
  • Management: The server runs on a Nitro panel. Which is easy doesn’t need computer literacy.
  • Storage: It has latest and high-speed SSD technology and a big Ram to store up information.
  • GG Servers:
  •  Name it best for Minecraft gaming easy and reliable server with:
  • Storage:  RAM of 3072 MB unmetered SSD with no limitation on the disc usage.
  • DDOS Protection:  GG server is protected by the DDOS protection from external attacks.
  • Help center:  The support available throughout, listening to questions and grievances.

9. SS-Network.dk

 Last but not least, it one of free Minecraft server hosting. It’s a reliable server with the best performance.

  • Help center:  They work 24/7 and ready to listen to you.
  • DDOs protection: Well installed with DDOS to guard against attacks.
  • Storage and back up:  Has RAM big enough to store up big files, if lost 7 days back up is installed the system updates every day.
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