You can earn these credits gift cards and rewards codes through various
methods. One of them is when Google issue them to you. There are many ways
of earning these reward codes as we will discuss below.

Free Google Play Credit Gift code Online

14 Best Ways to Get Free Google Play Credits and Gift Codes Online.

1. Gaining Rewards by Filing an Opinion Survey

You will require registering with Google Rewards Opinion. You will get a
survey for you to complete. It will be sent to you by the survey team at
Google.When you finish working on all of them, you will be sent your credit.
The reward is reasonable; you receive a minimum of one dollar for each
survey you complete.There are times when the surveys are many. You can
receive more than one per week.

There are times you can get only one per week.These changes keep taking
place. There is a distinction between these surveys and others from
different sites.You can differentiate them easily. The ones for Google posts
different questions before you take the survey.You can get a question
regarding the trending logo designs. They can ask you a political question.
These are examples

You can earn the credits by downloading various games, Apps, and watching

2. Reward for Tap Cash

You can earn the rewards by watching various videos, playing the given free
games and downloading Apps.When you log in you are assured of receiving
credit as a reward. You can connect tap cash reward to your Facebook
account. This will make you earn VIP status.When you refer your friend to
this link, you get a reward. You earn one hundred points for every sign-up.

You can earn immense points by logging into the App. This is an easy way of

It is not a requirement for you to have many points to get this reward. You
will just need to sign in this App every day. When you don’t sign in, you
are giving away the points. We can say that this is an almost free reward.

3. Instant Gift Card

This is a simple and flexible way of gaining the rewards. You will need to
complete a survey in time for you to earn the points.You can have the
entertainment and still earn your reward. You will only need to watch
videos. Whenever you sign up you get 10 points each day. When you get one
hundred points is the same as earning one dollar on this card.

You can enjoy bonus points which you earn through various methods. This
includes browsing on given sites and listening to your favorite music.You
can earn twenty-five, fifteen or ten dollars. The earning increases as your
activities get more vigorous.You have a chance to increase your earning. For
you to earn a card you should have two thousand five hundred words or a
minimum of one thousand words.

4. Swag Bucks

Swag Buck help users to get high rewards. You will be asked to do a few
activities for you to earn.

Watch your favorite videos and get points as you entertain yourself. Buying
kinds of stuff online will make you get points. Play the games that you
enjoy and get more rewards.

You don’t have to play for a whole day. You only need to spend some time and
play a few games.

Take a survey and answer the given questions. This method is effective
because you don’t require having a smartphone for you to earn the points.
You can use your desktop.

5. Free My App

When you download games and Apps that are sponsored you earn the rewards.
You can refer your friends and receive points in exchange.There are many
contests in the social media that you can get involved in. You will have the
rewards even when you don’t come out as the winner. Free My App has come up
with new ways of accumulating points. You can earn by watching videos that
are on YouTube.

People have embraced it in a big way. It has a big number of winners which
it has awarded the gift cards.The rewards sum up to twenty-seven million
dollars. You can redeem the points you earn using it to get the gift
cards.It has a unique feature that enables you to donate your points. You
can issue them out for charity purposes.

6. Feature Points

You can earn many points when you download free Apps. You will not earn the
points before you test them for at least one minute.You can also earn points
by listening to music, playing games, reading books online, or you can rate
various Apps.You will need many rewards for you to get around ten points. It
is only then when you can get your reward.

Use your link to refer your friends so that you can get more points quickly.
Convince them and explain to them the benefits of joining this link. Your
effort will be rewarded.You will get awards for 50% of what this link gets.
When you are signing up, you can enter a referral code which is c8mnu.

This alone will earn you 2000 fetch points.

7. Cubicer

You earn the Google credits by playing games and by using the App. Ensure
that you talk to your friend about it. Inform them about the benefits of
joining it. Convince them to join through your referral link for you to earn
the points. You are allowed to redeem your rewards points when they

  • You can be paid in two different ways.
  • You can be paid by cash using PayPal.
  • You can be paid with gift cards.

8. Juno Wallet

You can use this App to earn Google play credits. There are various ways you
can earn the points.

You can do a survey where you will answer various questions. You can
download the games that you choose. you can download Apps and watch videos
using Juno Wallet.

It has an outstanding feature. You can earn points and make money when you
make calls to your friend. you can also earn points through a reward called
snap mystery. The offer disappears in only ten seconds after it is given to

You will need to act quickly to avoid losing the reward. You will get more
points when you invite people to join it using your link. Its rewards are
categorized into level three, two and one. Play more to enjoy a higher

  • You can redeem your points to get raffles for competition on rewards for
  • You can get credit for Google Play.
  • You can exchange your gift card or points for money.

9. Gift Box

This is one of the Apps that work well in helping you to earn Google play
cards. You will need to play games for you to have a chance to earn the play
credits.You can download Apps using it for your points to accumulate
quickly. Use your link to invite people for you to get the reward. Watch
video videos and do various tasks as you will be instructed. It has a spin
wheel that helps in determining how many points you will get.

10.  App Nana

This App allows you to get some points after you download games. You are not
restricted to the games you should download. You are free to choose the ones
you like.You can use it to download other Apps as a way of earning more
points. You can earn 400 points every day just by signing in the account
that you will open with them.

You can play your choice of games or candy crush for your point to
accumulate. You can download the famous Apps like Facebook.Redeem your
accumulated points on Xbox, Google play, gift cards and Amazon.You can
choose to use your points to pay for your App at the gift store of Nana.

11. Whaff Rewards

This one allows you to connect your Facebook account to use WHAFF rewards.
When you do so, you instantly start accumulating points.You can download
different games and Apps using it. The longer you retain the App on your
phone, the more points you earn.

It has an amazing feature. Your points can accumulate by just downloading
and installing this App.There are Apps that demand that you have to
download, install and open them for you to start earning points.You can
choose to get play station, Bitcoin, play credits from Google, or Facebook

12.  Registering Any Samsung Device

This is an easy and direct way to earn the points. You can register your
Samsung phone laptop, desktop and other devices. They specify the Samsung
devices that they can register. You can earn up to twenty-five dollars for
this task only.

13.  You Can Purchase a Device for Chrome Cast

You can choose to register your current cast device. Suppose you don’t have
it, you can purchase a new one.  This will help you in getting the
offers that are related to chrome cast.The offers range from five to
twenty-five dollars.

You cannot miss getting the Google credit gift cards after you register. Do
not hesitate to always look at the offers that are available.Click the home
button on Google to get the full information. You will find all the updates
that you require.You will get information on all changes that take place
concerning the play credits.

14.  Google Option Reward

For you to earn the points and rewards you should take a survey challenge.
Answer all the given questions so that you can get the reward.The questions
are not hard and they are direct to the point. You will not have to panic
when answering them because they are general. Do not leave any of them
unanswered to avoid missing the reward.

When you finish working on each survey you are awarded one dollar. You can
earn more by working on many surveys.That is a simple rule. Don’t you think

You get an instant pay after submitting it. You can check the amount in the
account that you have in the play store.

Our today’s discussion would not be complete without us discussing one
more point. We need to discuss  

How Can You Redeem Your Google Play Credits and  Reward Codes.

  1.  You should go to Google and search
  2.  Research deeply on the game or the app you are interested in.
  3.  When you are certain of your choice, click on that link.
  4.  Press the button where it is written by and continue.
  5.  You will see the available play modes that you are given to choose
    from. Choose the one that is written Google play credit.

You can increase your balance on Google play credit using various ways. This

  • Redeeming your digital unique gift codes.
  • Redeeming your current Google play cards.
  • Using the promo codes.

You are restricted from transferring the points from your account. You would
be allowed to have more than one account but you cannot share the contents.
Check the account you have signed in before you make any purchase.

The App developer can assist you when you need a refund on your
purchase.This applies when you make a purchase for a wrong account.You can
be able to keep a track on your Google balance. For you to do this you will
need to sign in your account. You will see your balance where it is written
‘payment methods’


There are many methods for earning free Google play store credit gift cards.
You can choose the one that you prefer from the ones we have discussed
above. I have provided you with all the information that you may need
regarding Google play cards. You can now be able to make an informed
decision and advice others.

The amazing thing is that you can earn this points and cards as you are
having fun. You can play music, watch videos, play games and download the
Apps.The only way that is different and away from entertainment surveys. The
questions are easy and direct.

You get your reward immediately after you submit the survey. There are Apps
that pay you in dollars and others give you points that you can redeem
later. Do not be left behind. Get these Apps today and start earning the
Google play cards instantly.  You will earn more play cards when you
invite people through your link.

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