How to Unlock ZLT S10, P25 4G Router from Dialog and Mobitel

1. Open your internet browser and type and press enter. just wait,
once the page is loaded. Click on the Login hypertext which is located on the
upper right side of the page.

zlt s10 admin panel adress

2. Now you have to provide a username and password to login into the
dashboard. the credential is written backside in your router.

zlt s10 admin login page

3. Once you reached the home page of the dashboard, click on the device
settings .it will take you to the device settings page.

zlt s10 device setting

4. You should click advance setting, DHCP setting page will come up, this is a
very important step that you should be aware of it otherwise mcc | mnc locking
page will not come up. now you should click DHCP hypertext one time.

zlt s10 advance settings menu
zlt s10 dhcp

5. Replace the router_setting with
mcc_mnc_locking (note: if you are doing copy and paste it,
please do not forget to click inside the address bar before pressing enter
otherwise manually type it and enter. )

zlt s10 router_setting with mcc_mnc_locking

6. Click on the disabled circle and apply it. it will prompt you to restart to
take effect the changes you have made. Click on yes.

zlt s10 mcc_mnc_locking
zlt s10 mcc_mnc_locking disabling

Feel free to comment on your questions.

  • Subaharan

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  • Unknown 3 Dec 2020

    Mobile sim card work?

  • Unknown 3 Dec 2020

    Fdd sim work?

  • Subaharan 3 Dec 2020

    Will work on Mobitel ZLT S10 router for now.

  • Mohamed Safras 8 Jan 2021

    Hi I Just try this one but its won`t working !
    ZLT S10

  • Subaharan 8 Jan 2021

    Dialog or mobitel router?

  • Anonymous 14 Jan 2021

    i tried 4 time but it didnt work .. dialog p25 router

  • Rukshan 16 Jan 2021

    bro can`t use dialog router with moible sim why?

  • Subaharan 16 Jan 2021

    Only Band 40 is enabled in current firmware from Dialog. We can say anything about it, if we change it to original firmware.

  • Unknown 1 Feb 2021

    message your imei on me search my facebook acct Oy P Em i will generate your admin access

  • Lorenzo. 21 Feb 2021

    Muchas gracias liberado un ZLT S10 de Newww en México.

  • Bavu 21 Feb 2021

    After setting can I use the hutch sim?

  • Subaharan 21 Feb 2021

    You may be use, if you change your firmware to default one.

  • Yui 24 Apr 2021

    Can I ask for this firmware? Thank you

  • Sprdil 24 Apr 2021

    How to do it brother please post a article on it also

  • Subaharan 24 Apr 2021

    I couldn't find the Firmware for this router.

  • Subaharan 24 Apr 2021

    I don't have the firmware right now.

  • Dp 18 May 2021

    Is it possible to flash p25 with p21 firmware

  • Anonymous 16 Jun 2021

    Can't unlock Dialog S10 router, please help

  • SHALOM'S THOUGHTS 16 Jun 2021

    my router is not unlocked
    model is Dialog 4G ZLT S10
    Please Help Me

  • SHALOM'S THOUGHTS 16 Jun 2021

    my router is not unlocked
    model is Dialog 4G ZLT S10
    Please Help Me

  • gකුලා 16 Jun 2021

    it is supporting port forwarding ?

  • Unknown 16 Jun 2021

    my roter is zlt s10 dialog router but mcc mnc locking page doesn,t come

  • gaxy 16 Jun 2021

    hi i have bin file for p25 wich has all band showing in config page.
    but no signal

  • Unknown 16 Jun 2021


  • Sanka 16 Jun 2021

    Want work on Dialog ZL T S10
    any other solution

  • Unknown 16 Jun 2021

    is there any way to unlock tpzed zlt v10?????

  • Anonymous 16 Jun 2021

    my dialog router doesn't load like that page.. why is that any idea..

  • Anonymous 16 Jun 2021

    hi my dialog zlt s10 router doesn't load this page why is that .. any idea..

  • dashou 16 Jun 2021

    can i have you bin file in your config file

  • dashou 16 Jun 2021

    can you send me you config file the bin file.

  • Anonymous 16 Jun 2021

    hy bro i need this firmware.

  • Unknown 17 Aug 2021

    How to unlock newly came SLTmobitel S10 router? Firmware version S10G_2.03.3.
    This above method was not working for this router.
    If you can please suggest a method to unlock this one.

  • Unknown 17 Aug 2021

    ZLT S 10 unlock Karana widya kiyanna mobitel sim use Karana widiyata

  • Unknown 17 Aug 2021

    Mobitel sim dala puluwanda
    Unlock karala dialog ekath use keruwahakida

    zlt s10 unlock Karanna puluwanda

  • Unknown 17 Aug 2021

    my zlt v10 router doesn,t load web page like this..

  • Sl NEW TECH 17 Aug 2021


  • Prashan 19 Aug 2021

    Bro not working fr dialog

  • Siyam 7 Sep 2021

    Bro i tried this with dialog wifi. it is not working. i want to make my wifi to put any mobile sim to my wifi. please help me

  • Unknown 11 Sep 2021

    What are the other tdd sims that can be used in,dialog tozed Zlt s10 4G router.(to use in sri lanka).without 41311,

  • Subaharan 11 Sep 2021

    Lanka Bell

  • Subaharan 11 Sep 2021


  • Subaharan 11 Sep 2021

    No. Actual firmware is device specific

  • Subaharan 11 Sep 2021

    Just reset the router using the button

  • Subaharan 11 Sep 2021

    Actually, i don't have the default firmware for this router. These bin files available currently in the internet is not the real firmware

  • Subaharan 11 Sep 2021

    When it comes to zlt s10 Dialog router, no use of having config bin file. But you need full firmware file. Then you can confirm whether your router bands are customized at hardware level or firmware level.

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