Do you need privacy on what you are running on your Android device? Or are you worried that some information might be passed to an unwanted party and you need to protect your data and information? You are absolutely at the right place as you. I will discuss extensively on the Hammer VPN, the anti-DPI APK app which can be downloaded on your Android Mobile. With this app, you will be assured of privacy. Please continue reading through the article to have a more touch with this application.

What is DPI?

DPI known as the Deep Packet Inspection is a method advanced for filtering packets making it possible to identify, find, reroute, classify and block packets that contain specific codes scrutinizing the packet’s headers that cannot detect. The DPI will enable one to detect traffic even to a secure channel showing the running applications and the online behavior without taking into account of your privacy.

How it the Hammer VPN works?

Hammer VPN (Virtual Private Network), therefore, comes to counter this in which it acts as an anti DPI that is an app that can be downloaded easily if you have an android phone and then it will start working perfectly.

 It will restructure your payload and the headers of your running traffic. With this, detection of your traffic becomes impossible hence giving you enough protection. In addition, internet speed with the use of this app will be boosted.

How to download the Hammer VPN Anti DPI APK?

APK apps are the apps that function in the operating systems of Android devices. The Hammer VPN is an APK hence if you need to download it, the first requirement is just having an android device. The application comes in different versions offering a total of 6 versions that can be downloaded.

Don’t worry about the charges as the good news are that this application comes at a totally free charge upon its download without other hidden charges even in its use. The application comes in the English language to cover most of the customer base.

I will now cover on how you can download the Hammer VPN Anti DPI APK App in two ways that include;

1. Downloading and installation of Hammer VPN from the play store will follow the following steps.

  •  Move to the Play Store App.
  •  On the App, search the keyword on ‘Hammer VPN AntiDPI VPN.
  •  Click ‘Install’ then click on ‘Accept’.
  •  After this, the download will begin immediately.
  •  After the download, open the downloaded app to run in on your phone. Google Play Store will install the application automatically so you don’t need to worry about the installation.
  •  After the application has started running, you can then customize the setting of the application according to your preferences by giving your details. The application will require you to give a user ID and a password to ensure that the person who views the running applications can only use the details.
  •  After customizing your settings, you are then good to go. Continue enjoying the use of the app.

2. Download and installation of the Hammer VPN manually

The Hammer VPN Anti DPI app can also be downloaded and installed manually without having to use the google play store which downloads and installs automatically. The steps to follow in this will include;

  •  On your browser click ‘Hammer VPN Anti DPI APK App’.
  •  download and then click on ‘Download APK’ which will then automatically begin the download of a 9.4-megabyte file (file size changes with the version type)
  •  After the file download has been completed, click on the downloaded file so as to install it manually. (make sure to enable install from untrusted source on your android mobile otherwise you cannot install 3rd party apps for your android mobile)
  •  Click on ‘Install’ in which the installation will now begin.
  •  After the installation is complete, then customize your setting similar to the first method depending on your preferences.
  •  Enjoy 100% privacy on your applications and data from the Hammer VPN.

Features of the Hammer VPN Anti DPI APK App

The Hammer VPN has lots of benefits for the user that has majorly been facilitated by the features that follow this application. This will definitely be the choice you will need since the features give more uses apart from giving you total privacy.

The features of the Hammer VPN include;

  •  Provides you a secure channel through the online protection of your privacy that is not offered by most virtual private networks (VPNs).
  •  It provides security to your Wi-Fi hotspot hence no one will be able to access the Wi-Fi without your due permission.
  •  It has no limits on the speed of your internet usage.
  •  Hammer VPN increases internet speed.
  •  It compresses your data hence saving bandwidth.
  •  You need no registration for the use of the Hammer VPN app. It offers free download and usage without asking you for details such as your E-mail.
  •  With the exception of ICMP VPN, this application will require no root.
  •  As it acts as a virtual firewall, the Hammer VPN protects your device in addition.
  •  It is a robust VPN proxy tool to be used which is due to the availability of port selection and VPN protocol selection.
  •  Ease of use making it efficient and effective to every user has it has no complications.
  •  It protects your IP address through covering its identity by the use of VPN server IP.
  •  This application can be used in more than 15 countries hence increased service.

Anti DPIs provide privacy protection for each and every activity is carried out on your Android device. With the ease of use of the anti DPI one can now access its use easily and, in addition, use it with much ease. Hammer VPN Anti DPI APK app is one of the best anti-DPIs you will have to use for your privacy.

The Hammer VPN Anti DPI APK app is created from the TunnelGuru VPN and powered by TroidVPN which will require permission such as to access the phone’s state, access the task list, access the current location of your device, access the external storage and the network. With the use of this application, you are assured of getting the maximum benefit from the application.

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