We all have different ways of relaxing. Some take a nap, others participate in different sports while others look for a series or two and sit on their coach to watch. In which category do you fall? Are you among those who love watching anime series? Is that your best way of unwinding and relaxing? You are not alone in this.

Anime is becoming more famous in today’s world because of its fascinating nature. They are highly addictive; take you to an imaginary world and at the same time giving you a peaceful break from reality.

anime websites

Different people love watching anime series and can spend days without end. It might not be easy to find the latest anime series in our movie shops. Therefore, it is important to have a number of websites where you can get your best anime series at any time of day. In this article,

 I am going to list the top best anime sites

1. 9Anime.to

This is the leading anime site for anyone in need of quality. It provides you with HD English dubbed anime series online. It is normally not easy to find anime series dubbed in English, therefore any site that provides one is highly flooded by anime fans.

9Anime.to is, therefore, the perfect site for any native English speaker. The best part is that this site allows you to download the series in HD resolutions with a videoder app. You, therefore, have an opportunity of building a collection of your most preferred anime shows.

The second thing that has made this site grow in popularity is the fact that it is absolutely free to download the series. You can, therefore, choose to make a business out of it and all you will need is running the internet to download the series. Once you are through with downloading, you will be able to watch them offline.

Videoder is available and can be downloaded online and installed in your gadget. 9Anime.to also offers you a step-by-step guide on how to download your favorite anime series from their site. To best understand this site, give it a trial and you will have a reason to smile as you get more than what you expected.

2. GoGoAnime.io

This is also among the best and most popular anime site where you can watch anime online. Its popularity is built around its diversified substance across the genre. Just like 9anime, this site is also free. However, unlike the 9anime site, GoGoAnime.io comes in Japanese language but has an English title.

The fact that all the titles and subtitles of the anime series available on this site are available in English, it makes them fun for English native speakers who don’t understand Chinese. This is one of the factors that have made this site famous worldwide. It is completely dedicated to adding taste for all anime buffs worldwide by making the content palatable for them.

Gogoanime.io features tons of contents from anime movies to Manga series. It is absolutely free to watch and download videos from this site. It also makes things much easier for you by streaming these free anime series on Android devices and iPhone/iPad devices as well as on Google Play. This means you can enjoy these series anywhere and at any time provided you are connected to the internet.

3. Hulu.com

For movie lovers and especially those who love watching movies online, Hulu must be a familiar name. Hulu allows you to not only watch movies and TV shows online but also search for the newest and most popular Korean drama, anime and video games.

Hulu has a number of advantages but at the same time, it is only limited to residents of the United States, Japan, and its overseas territories. This basically offers video-on-demand service and has its roots in America. However, if you have access to it, you will be lucky to enjoy a wide collection of captivating anime series as well as movies.

The fact that Hulu.com is not available in a vast number of countries across the world has quite affected its popularity. However, for a few users who are well informed in matters of technology, they are able to access the site by the use of VPN services if you are outside the US.

To download any anime on Hulu.com, you first need to download the video app. There is also helpful information on the step by step process of downloading the series. The site is convenient and easy to use if the right process is followed.

4. KissAnime.ru

Kiss Anime can be said to be the head of all top anime streaming sites. This is because; it is easily accessible and offers a wide variety of interesting and fun to watch anime series and movies to its fans. When compared to other popular anime buffs, kiss anime supersedes them all. It has the highest rating as well as the number of fans. Most anime fans only have one site in mind which is Kiss Anime.
 It has also been rated as the fastest loading site that consumes low-bandwidth. Kiss Anime site is known to download high-quality anime series in a reliable manner. The quality of the series downloaded from this site is almost similar to the ones downloaded from YouTube (between 240p to 1080p). They are well set to work on a wide range of devices.

However, just like any other site, Kiss Anime also has its own setback which happens to be a technical issue. This site does not open on a number of browsers. For that reason, it is advisable to first confirm it is working with the browser of your device.

5. AnimeSeason.com

Every site has its own advantages. When it comes to Anime Season, it is best known for its ability to deliver a user-centric experience to all its clients. Anime Season has a unique character of sorting the series and videos of their anime list depending on how they have been rated by clients. This means the most popular series will be the one that has received the highest number of votes from their supporters.

The act of sorting anime based on the latest anime episodes, anime shows ratings, recently added section, the number of votes received and anime recommendations have made this site unique. This makes exploring new titles or for your favorite series a really tranquilized task. Anime Season has been rated among the best because they provide all the information of any anime video or series on their website.

6. Chia-anime.tv

This is another famous site that has great anime content. This site has become very famous because it frequently updates its list of series every time a new series comes to the market. Many people have rated it as the fastest site when it comes to updating episodes of anime sites. It is actually 10 times faster when compared to other sites. This is made possible by their USP.

Chia anime has been recommended to many who need to be subbed anime online watching. It provides you with tons of the best and the latest anime series and episodes on this site. If you are a fun of new anime movies, subbed anime, Asian drama, manga list, and anime soundtracks, Chia anime is the place to be.

7. Crunchyroll.com

Crunchy roll is a legitimate anime website. This site has been able to organize the best ever released anime collection. At the same time, it is accessible to most of the funs in different parts of the world. Although one pays to subscribe to crunchy roll’s premium membership, it also provides premium services to its members which allow them to access a few anime videos for free.

This, however, doesn’t mean you will get substandard services if you don’t subscribe to premium membership. Crunchroll.com is the best site for anyone who is concerned about the legibility of a site and who needs quality services from a site. This site also updates with the current and the best anime series almost every hour.

The crunchy roll can be said to be the most active anime site that provides different solutions and helps you to find your most preferred anime. For instance, crunchy roll makes a clear anime grouping which makes it easier for the user to find their favorite anime.

The most famous anime categories are: latest news, the simulcasts, latest sites news, all-new drama, all-new anime, etc. last and the most important, is the fact that this site provides its users with a forum when they can discuss the anime with other members from different countries.

8. AnimeFreak.tv

Although this site is not categorized among the top contenders due to its plethora of ads and unorganized nature, it can also not be ignored. Other than being easily accessible, this site also the latest episodes of different anime titles just as you would wish for. In addition to that, most of the episodes available on this site are exclusive.
If you love being unique even in the collection of movies you watch, you can never go wrong AnimeFreak.com. Most of the anime episodes available on Anime Freak are unique and are rarely available on other sites. The most amazing thing is that all these episodes are streamed on this site free of charge.

9. Animestreams.tv

 Anime stream is one of the best user-friendly anime stream television sites. It has no popup ads, and it is also easy to navigate. There are different famous anime movies and series available on Anime Streams.  If you are a fan of subbed anime and dubbed anime (written in English), anime streams should be your frequent destination.
There are different anime categories available on Anime Stream this offers you an opportunity of watching anime episodes of your choice. Just a single click to this site provides you the best solution for your search of anime series.

10. Funimation.com

The Funimation streaming service is well known because of its impressive collection of great anime series. It provides feature-length films, which include different hard-to-find titles, and fast turn-around English language dubs. It offers different categories of anime movies and series that are always updated to keep their users fully entertained.
Funimation is a smart and well-run business which challenges other anime streaming sites and providing the choicest legal anime streaming website as well. There are free subbed versions of anime available for their users but for those who need dubbed version, they will need to subscribe to this site’s premium version.

11. Animeheaven.org

The official website for Anime Heaven is animeheaven.org, and it is also a free site like many of the other anime sites. There are different anime series, cartoons, the ongoing series, movies and many more. it also makes it easy for their users to get the best and the latest shows by searching through the Genre, rating and the year.
It is advantageous to have this site on our gadgets since it is compatible with Windows seven, eight and ten as well as Mac computer. To add on that, Anime Heaven has also gained its popularity due to the fact that it allows its users to download their preferred anime to their computers with the unique video quality.
The fact that this site is absolutely free and doesn’t need any subscription has made it one of the most popular anime sites. It also offers high-quality videos and is frequently upgraded to offer the best services to its users.

12. Daisuki.net

Although Daisuki might be a vocabulary to some people, it is a common name among the lovers of quality when it comes to anime streaming. This is a legal or official site that provides the best anime videos ranging from those that are rarely known to those that everyone is crazy about.
Daisuki provides the latest and the best anime in the utmost quality. If you are crazy about legitimate products, then Daisuki is the best choice for you. It enables you to watch real and high-quality anime episodes legally if you have a premium membership.

13. Animeland.com

This is the best site for lovers of English dubbed animal episodes. Animeland provides high definition dubbed anime episodes that are of different categories. You can never exhaust the different episodes of anime on this site since it has over 45,000 anime dubbed episodes.

There are movies and episodes of all types including; one piece English dubbed, Naruto English Dubbed, Bleach English dubbed among others. Animeland serves people from different parts of the world even English native speakers.

Generally, a collection of the best anime movies is a lifetime investment. Not because of the expenses involved but simply because there are always new episodes in the market. This means you will never be able to exhaust the available anime series and movies.

The best way of preserving these model animated movies against sudden deletion or any other loss from these top download sites is downloading them to own DVD versions. This will not only help you avoid blurry images but it will also save you from the annoying loading or buffering issues while watching the movies online.
In case you need perfect and quality videos, it is advisable to use professional DVD ripper software. There are many DVD ripper software available in the market which also allows you to backup the DVDs and also playback on mobile gadgets.

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