10 Best Android Emulators for Pc ( Windows and Mac )

Android is one of the best and most popular mobile operating system developed by Google. It is used in a variety of devices like smartphones and tablets. Android contains so many apps that are only found on mobile phones and cannot see on the Mac and window PC.

The increase of technology has brought the new introduction of Android emulators to install all Android application to the PCs and mac Android emulators are windows desktop software that helps in running Android apps and installing them thus bridging the gaps between mobile computing and PC.

There are different kinds of emulators although not all work best. some of the emulators might be slow or freeze that means their stability is not good and should be removed. The features in an Android emulator are very important and should have proper stability. A smooth and well-running PC should have good emulators and some allow third-party controller while some don't but still it all depends on your PC hardware performance.

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Here, I Will let you Learn the Top Best Android Emulators for both Windows PC and MAC.

You can choose from the list and see what works best on your Windows PC and Mac. Providing reliable and long term use for the devices.

1. Nox app player

It is one of the best emulators which give a guarantee of many features and powerful experiences. It doesn't have additional software this making it easy and fast to use.

Features of Nox app player
  • It is a free app and which is downloaded from Google.
  • It is very stable and reliable.
  • Nox app player can specify the CPU processor and RAM size.
  • It provides a keyboard for touch input.
  • The app is fitted with inbuilt  GPS emulation.
  • Nox app player has a gamepad for one to play games.

2. MEmu

It the new emulator in town, which is installed in PC and Mac. It supports many hardware configurations since it has no compatibility. MEmu is excellent in all systems.

Features found in the MEmu
  • It is free of charge.
  • Has no compatibility issues.
  • It has a touch emulation which will help you play Android games on Mac and PC
  • At a given time it will support multiple instances

3. KO player

Ko Player is counted as one of the best Android emulators, that focus on productive gaming. It has an inbuilt google play store which helps to watch HD videos on YouTube.

Features of a ko player.
  • It gives access to the keyboard
  • It is available for free.
  • You can install games anytime.
  • It can accommodate multiple accounts.
  • Your PC hardware should have good RAM and good memory.

4. Andy os

It is an interesting unique feature which is downloaded free at the google play store. It always updated with the latest Google features and has unlimited space for its user. 

Features of Andy os  

  • It is freely available
  • It uses the mobile as the remote control when playing games.
  • It doesn't have any compatibility and the system won't slow down.
  • It allows you to use the full screen while playing games.
  • It is simple to use.
  • Andy is always up to date and upgrades it features regularly 


Windroy finds its way in this list because unlike other emulators it doesn't need an external virtual box. It works well in the older version of windows and it unique since it only runs on Windows kernel.

Features of windroy.
  • Office application runs best on this emulator.
  • It works well on productivity.
  • It doesn't give full reliability on game support
  • It is simple to use and uses plays store fully

6. Geny motion

It is designed for personal use and not much of gaming. It assists in the development and other professional uses. Genymotion emulators also emulate application from other different devices and you don't have to own the device.

Features found in Genymotion
  • It is available in both paid and free options.
  • It is faster compared to other emulators.
  • It has more advanced features.
  • Free services for personal use.
  • It is simple and flexible you can switch across different  devices

7. Bluestacks

Bluestacks is widely used for its unique feature of one-click installation. I t is highly used in windows operating systems. Bluestacks emulator allows you to run many Android applications at the same time.

Features of Bluestacks.
  • It is freely available but on different regions
  • BlueStacks is user-friendly
  • It is a one-click installation.
  • It has an inbuilt play store
  • It streams live on gameplay.
  • It is simple to use especially if you are not really advance in computer knowledge.
  • BlueStacks emulator can run many google app at a time.
  • It has a very high speed.
  • It doesn't require a third-party virtualization tool.

8. YouWave

This emulator was the oldest emulator at google play. It has two versions of the premium free version. It is also best for productivity and gaming.Youwave has a simple interface and it easy to use.

Best features of youWave.
  • It is freely available but in two version premium and free version
  • Easy installation on the devices
  • It supports window and mac os.
  • It is simple to use.
  • Runs on Windows XP/vista/7/8.1/10
  • It has volume control buttons
  • It easy to install.
  • It has a very high speed

9. Remix OS player.

The remix is a new Android app that can run in Android marshmallows and other apps. It is very fast and has double booting capability. It is flexible because it can run multiple games at the same time.

Features of the Remix.
  • It is freely available.
  • It is a user- friendly for both games and productivity.
  • It  is bud -free emulators
  • AMD and CPU are not supported by Remix emulator.
  • It is free to download, play and update.
  • It is simple to use and easy for even those who are not advance in the devices.
  • It Streams live features in game play

10. Droid 4x

Droid 4x is an exciting application from google app store, that caters for both features and operation. the emulator comes with a preinstalled google play store. It is free to download and very simple to use.

Features of Droid 4x
  • It is available and stable to use for advanced users
  • It is made for gaming productivity
  • It has a pre-rooted play store installation.
  • It is very fast and allows you to use the keyboard as a controller.


There are numerous free devices but we give information and features of the best emulators that you choose from. With the given list of a few Android emulators, you can also make your Emulator by just downloading virtual box. Download an image from x86.org and a set of simple steps to follow will appear. 

Try out the Android emulator for the most unlimited fun and enjoyment in the world of gaming productivity. where you will use the full screens at your pressure and get the best performance you can never imagine. check out our website to get the best that is there from the Android emulators.


Subaharan Nithiyananthan is the founder and writer of MobilePcBlog. He has First Class Bachelor of Engineering Honours in Computer Networks and Information Security. He also have some professional certifications in IT such as CCNA, CEH, NSE2. facebook twitter linkedin youtube

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