Medical answering service is a company that basically handles the hospital overflows or after hour’s calls right from the office. The kind of services offered by such companies varies a lot from handling the basic message relay, dispatching emergencies, scheduling appointments and many more. Before you rule out or determine which company offers the best medical services, there are so many things you need to consider. Evaluate their customer service delivery, their pricing, features, and reputation, competence, the response among others. The answering service provider requires having different types of services within their plans.

medical answering service

 The following 3 tiers should be observed by all the medical answering service:

  • Basic messaging:  This should be efficient and quick. Calls, messages should be transmitted very fast and more efficiently.
  • Schedule appointments: they should be able to schedule the appointments for you and also verify the insurance covers. Processing credits is also their task.
  • Nurse triage: they should have a registered nurse whom the patients can talk to and receive their first help.

However, we have managed to identify the below list of the 10 best medical answering services.


Call 4health is one of the best medical answering services which offers the biggest range of services at the lowest price. This makes it accessible and affordable by the lay common man. The medical service provider offers all the 3 triers of service at an affordable fee.

The call4health offers a nurse triage, with a registered nurse there to give direction and also offer advice to the patients. The call4health gives you an opportunity to personalize your service by allowing you to choose your services. For example, handling your appointments whereby you can simply call for appointment reminders and vice versa.
price: $153.02 / month.


They offer different packages. Their pricing always varies on call volume, the location of your medical practice as well as the number of physicians. Their charges are charged according to the services you require.

For example, if you need a message reminder you will have to pay extra charges for the service. The Stericycle medical service doesn’t offer nurse triage services. However, they deliver personalized emails, voice and text message reminders. They are among the best medical answering service you can rely on,
price: $178.87 /month.


Med Connect USA works with only the health care providers offering the best services as they provide a one-stop service solution. Their services are 100% HIPAA compliant. They are ready to assist.
The customer care services are eminent as they always ensure the patients’ needs are met to satisfaction. They provide a 24/7 medical answering service, messaging, voicemail services and disaster recovery.

Med Connect USA has observed the 3 tiers with high trained operators and qualified staff and has a full range of teleservices. They have flexible rate plans.
 Med Connect is among the best medical answering with good package.


Tele Med medical answering service is providers of high quality medical answering service. They provide medical solutions; their services are of high quality. They offer their services more efficiently in the hospitals. They also have a dental answering service. You will be able to get any assistance you need for you at all the time.

TeleMed is always available when needed. They have very competent staff. They are in the lead for service for doctors, physicians,   dentists and offers the number one solution for all health care, hospice government, and hospitals.


The company has a team of professional and the customer care staffs are very friendly to the customer. They are always ready to impress the customer, eager to deliver your messages and attend to your calls. They capture every lead and respond to every need of emails, including the voice.


The company uses the doctor answering service to handle all the incoming calls. They work under HIPPA guidelines. They are reliable since they can be tailored to any practice for hospitals and medical facilities. They take messages and manage all the appointments.

The alert communication team is ready to give directions and advice to the patients. They are very efficient and respond to issues very fast. They are the best.


The answering service care is a company that focuses on helping with the hospitals and health services. Our core thing is to help you manage, cover and attend to your business more efficiently in a more professional way.

The company is available to provide you and your callers with answers to any question they might be having. They are also available to help resolve the basic service issues. We have the after-hours coverage; appointment scheduling and finally we take messages and relaying them to right person and department.


The company offers a professional telephone answering service. The company works with medical practitioners like hospitals, doctors, health centers. They operate on 24 hours. We receive calls; create accurate messages and timely dispatch of the messages. They have competent staffs that are very friendly and more than willing to deliver the services.


Tele link medical answering service is phone support for doctors, dentists, hospitals and the healthcare professionals. The company operates on 24 hours and their key thing is to deliver quality services to the satisfaction of the client.

The customer service is good and available for all services and inquires. They have on-call dispatching, to both receive client and attend them any time day or night.


Patient call medical answering service is the company that deals with hospitals and medical practitioners. To be configured in the system, they require you to forward your telephone number. You will be required to complete the directive plan and then forward your phone number. Once you register you will need not to worry since you have the exclusive patients note.

The communication is more organized, you are able to enjoy the answering and the paging services which are specifically tailored to the needs of your health organization.

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