Almost every blogger when he starts his blog aspires to get an AdSense account to monetize his blogs. AdSense by Google initiated and popularized the concept of Adwords. No doubt, AdSense remains the most well-known and powerful monetizing tool. However, there can be circumstances, when one needs to rely on other such monetization programs.

One of the most prominent reasons is losing one’s AdSense account. Another is that it takes time and traffic to acquire an AdSense account. But there can be other more compelling reasons to try out AdSense alternatives.

Among all other alternatives, the most popular and reliable one is that promoted by two alternate powerful search engines Bing by Microsoft, the Big Daddy of software; and Yahoo!, one of the oldest and second biggest search engines.

Yes, we are talking about, which has such a high pedigree of two illustrious parents. power packs the advertising might of the Yahoo! Bing Network with’s Web publisher relations and platform. It enables advertisements based on the context of the page.

Media.Net Reviews: Best Adsense Alternative for bloggers and webmasters is open to the web site having quality contents and has these minimum requirements:

  • Contents to be primarily in English
  • Original unique contents and updated regularly
  • Websites should be popular with USA, Canada, UK viewers
  • Must have some traffic to start with is the next most popular and versatile internet advertising program. Read below to know the reason why is taking the blogging world by storm and is the best alternative to AdSense in terms of ad types.

Contextual Ad Network is a contextual ad network; which means the ads that run on the sites are based on the context of the blog. So it is easy to get and set up and provides you immediate access to tap the huge database of related ads. You get the opportunity to make more money if you are able to attract more visitors.
The visitors will only see relevant ads and the chances of them clicking those ads get very high.Whether the subject of your blog is technology, health, food, fitness, entertainment, news or anything; you will only get relevant ads, thus it increases dramatically the chances that the visitor will find the ads very relevant and click on them.

Dynamic Customer Support has a dedicated customer support that is there to take care of all your queries, doubts and offers the solution on the fly. So you are never stranded for want of technical support to iron out any issues that you may be facing at the moment. They offer dedicated account manager the moment you get an approved account. This is very helpful to new bloggers for setting up everything from scratch.

Content focused places its ads on content that are of high quality. It is able to make out keywords stuffing and other black-hat SEO techniques. So if your website has great quality content, then you get rewarded for it.

Ad Customization ad customization

You can customize the ads as you want. You can show your ads wherever you want them, whichever post or page you want them. The ad units are easily customizable and their placement as well. The ad units have an appealing look which makes viewers notice and looks at them, resulting in more clicks. You can also put the keywords for the ad unit so that you get only ads that are relevant to the keywords.

This helps you in blocking all unwanted ads that you do not want to be displayed on your site. allows you to place a maximum of 3 ad units per page. You can keep experimenting with Ad sizes, Ad placement, and Ad design. The last one lets you change the fonts and colors so that you can make them match your site and contents. Are not such cool customization amazing?!.

Dashboard to Track in Real-time

With you get a control panel which is easy to use and lets you track ads performance in real-time. You can see ad impression and earnings. The dashboard has a live impressions real-time counter which lets you see the impressions as they grow before your eyes. You can view these from your mobile on-the-go. Moreover, you can use the same account to control your other websites advertisements too. The only consideration, of course, is to have all the websites approved for

Huge Number of Advertisers

There are advertisers who come in every hue, shape, and sizes. So irrespective of the niche or subject of the blogs, you are bound to get advertisers who specialize in that niche. This again results in huge income as compared to similar other ad programs.

Dynamic Optimization

As already said earlier, the ads are optimized for contents. This enables very specific ads that cater to the topic are placed on the site. The algorithm for placing such ads works amazingly well to put content-relevant ads only. This is one remarkable feature that is not evident and works behind the scene seamlessly.

Mobile-friendly Ads mobile detection technology detects the platform on which the website is being viewed and whether it is a mobile phone or tablet browser. The ads are automatically formatted or sized-up to seen on the smartphones or tablets. No separate coding is required. You just need to activate the mobile ads feature. The mobile ads are optimized for loading on smartphones fast and do not delay the display of the pages. This gives the user a better viewing experience and results in more clicks on the ads, which in turn helps you to earn that extra dollar.

Focused Targeting

Every individual page of the blog gets ads targeted to that specific topic. For example, if you have a health blog with articles on several pages, one for Diabetes, another for High Blood Pressure and so on; then will target the specific topics and put specific ads on different pages. This is done smoothly and with minimum delay, so as to give a seamless user experience.

Payment Methods

Now, we come to their payment methods; which is what interests everyone, right? offers two payment methods, PayPal and Wire transfer. So getting money credited to your bank account is hassle-free, whichever country you live in. The minimum payment amount is $100 to start with, but this is easily achievable if you have genuinely good contents. pays out timely and regularly keeping you worry-free.

If you are now convinced that is indeed a better alternative to AdSense, then try it NOW.
In case you need more convincing, then why not find out for yourself? below is signup link to install with one click. The GOOD NEWS for you is; you can get an EXTRA BONUS of 10% on your earnings for the first 3 months.

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