Instagram will contain privacy options which always which protect one’s account from unwanted persons. Privacy is essential in which in your Instagram Account you might hide your photo albums from specific persons you would not love to have them view your photos. After the protection of your Instagram account, it becomes invisible to the public in which it will be viewable only to the approved followers which are indicated while setting on your privacy options. Instagram will be essential for celebrities and the upcoming one to sell themselves in the public otherwise, it is not as a social network which can sell your information such as Facebook accounts.

With many Instagram sites being scams; especially those which require you to fill some information in the form of surveys, you will need to view them as they are private accounts. These accounts will use the surveys in the sites in making money for themselves so there is a need to view on the account to assure that they are not scams targeting your money. No matter how the privacy of an account is, whether technical or not, you will be able to view this account in one way or another. Different methods will be used in viewing private Instagram accounts. You can use one of it to get a view of the hidden information. To view a private Instagram account, you can use either of the following;

How to View a Private Instagram Account

1.The most realistic way

One of the most real and easiest ways to view a private Instagram account is through sending a request to follow the person through their account. This will apply highly to those accounts with restricted viewers especially where it is restricted to its followers only. After sending your request to the other party after accepting and approving your request, you will be able to view this private Instagram account. It will be through viewing any photos uploaded as well as the person’s profile in their account.

This would, however, be unsuccessful where the Account’s owner is not aware of the person who has requested to follow them. This would, therefore, avoid them from approving your request hence viewing of this private account would become unsuccessful. To counter this, you will be required to send a private message (PM) to the account’s user in which you will let them know some of your information of who you are and the reason behind your request to follow them.

You might do this by showing them your relationship with the person to ensure that they gain confidence after which they will approve of you as their followers. Where they remember you, they can easily accept the request after which you will be able to view the profile and photos easily.

2.Username Search

Though this may not provide you with the deep information about the user, you will go a great mile in getting to know most of the user’s information through their private Instagram accounts. After the log-in in your Instagram account, get the target person for online research in which you are to get their information. Upon getting their Instagram account, you will be able to capture their Instagram account username which is the most important for this case. This will be essential for the known celebrities who have private Instagram accounts.

Copy and paste the username on an image-based search engine such as the Google images search box. On the internet, there are high possibilities that the user had left some of his/her information on the web before privacy activation on Instagram.

Most of the user’s photos will have been shared in other areas where you can locate them with much ease. Though this method may not give you the full information up to the current postings, you will be able to get much of the information even from other accounts with the use of their username such as in their Facebook Accounts.

3.Use of the Instagram Viewer Sites

This is the use of some websites which are deemed to enable one in viewing private profiles with simple steps. Such sites such as Instaspy, WatchInsta, and Private Instaviewer are among the various Instagram viewer sites you expect to get on the internet as one of the solutions to view private Instagram accounts. These viewers are not highly recommended as most of them are scams which want to get money from your desperation in viewing private Instagram accounts.

They will ask you to fill up some survey which will require your form of payment such as the credit card with most of these sites being similar to one another so as to manipulate you. This will be very dangerous and you will find yourself in trouble under these scams so keep yourself away from these sites for your safety and the safety of your money. If you cannot view the persons account even after trying to add them through request on following but still unaccepted, you can finally try a final option indicated below this one.

4.Less realistic method

This is not a highly recommended method in viewing a private Instagram account as compared to the most realistic method. You can, however, use this method whereby the first method and that of username search do not work. Use this method when you are sure that the user will not in any way; accept your request to follow them.

This is an unethical method in some way as fake Instagram accounts are usually against their terms and conditions hence the method is completely not recommended unless you are desperate on viewing this Instagram account.

If you prefer to use this method in creating a fake Instagram account which you are to request your user to accept, below are some of the tips that will make the account be accepted in a more easier manner;

  • Get a female profile picture if you are requesting a male user for the fake account. This is likely to make it friendlier hence you will be accepted much easier. In addition to this, female profile pictures create less suspicious activities hence the user will not suspect of anything negative.
  • Make your Instagram fake account seem to be more real in which you may also make it be a private account with real photos.
  • When not approved, send a private message with an enticing move that would change the mind of the user and would let them easily accept you. Explain your reasons you need them clearly and you will have it easy.
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