Fiverr is one of the world’s leading marketplace for creative and professional services. Since its launch, this viral marketplace has expanded tremendously. Customers can connect with people who will be willing to do a lot of crazy stuff just for $5 you can make a lot of money more than $5. Unfortunately, there are several mixed reviews that have arisen from the Fiverr concept. This article tries to give Fiverr reviews from a seller and buyer perspective.

The Fiverr Phenomenon

Since its inception, Fiverr now proudly boasts of millions of services. Sellers can offer services that pay up to $500. When deciding on a business gig to go for, ensure you only search for what interests you. Always go for those listings which provide a great amount of feedback. The cancellation ratio was recently introduced to safeguard the money put forward by buyers. So always be on the lookout for high cancellation ratios, avoid them.

Work from Home: Fiverr reviews

Fiverr Freelance Platform

Specialized skills such as web design, writing, voice-overs, and photography can land you several online job opportunities. There are many people frustrated with their day jobs and crave for work which they enjoy and gives them a great deal of flexibility too. As a freelance site, Fiverr can nurture your full potential and establish you as an independent salesperson focused on a certain market niche. As much as this site stands out among the many freelance sites out there it has its fair share of drawbacks too.

How Does It Operate

Getting to know how it works is quite easy. People post their tasks referred to as gigs that they are willing to perform at $5. The remuneration might seem small but the more you participate successfully you get a firm growth platform. Most buyers prefer this site as they can get minor tasks completed cost-effectively. The risk factor is very minimal and with time one can get acquainted with reliable freelancers who will deliver top-quality work. As a seller, you will start by offering $5 gigs and offering extra features for additional money. Also, it is suitable for sellers or buyers from Asian countries like Srilanka, India, Pakistan.

Merits of Using Fiverr

· The web site comes in a great design that can be simply navigated by anyone. 
· The concept behind this website can be easily understood by a first-timer.
· You get to take part in an enjoyable and highly supportive forum.
· The main idea behind it is to generate income by doing something you cherish.

There are several people who have converted their Fiverr experience into full-time work. All it takes is sheer dedication and discipline. Just imagining getting paid while carrying out your hobby seems unimaginable till you strike it big on Fiverr. The fixed-rate pay on jobs on this site encourages quality work. This is contrary to other sites that allow price bidding, resulting in work of low substance. The level out playing field thus promotes consistency. Apart from the easy navigation across the website, you can also engage their friendly staff. All issues conveyed to the customer care are usually responded to in record time and feedback conveyed back in record time.

Demerits of Using Fiverr

· The hosting fee of 20% is quite steep when compared to other sites that pay way less.
· A few ways of getting your money – over-reliance on PayPal.
· Funds are usually withheld for up to 14 days


Going through this Fiverr reviews you see that it still features among the best freelance websites that give their sellers the freedom to make a suitable choice. You finally have the opportunity to get out of your dull and strenuous job and becoming your own boss. We invite you all to share your experience below.
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    January 24, 2019 at 12:30 pm

    gig bucks is also good marketplace


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