In the world of Smartphones and Internet, everything has got their app, including the highly addictive foosball or table football . Due to that, I have reviewed 5 foosball or table football applications for Android and with them, you can play foosball no matter where you are.

andoid foosball games

1. Foosball Cup World by Ludus Studio

I believe that this is the best foosball app for Android at the moment. The graphics are great and it has the most features in the game. You don’t have to play every time the same tournament because this game offers you multiple tournaments and challenges.

You can improve your real foosball game by completing the challenges on this app because the app will teach you how to think like a real fooser. The great thing is that you can choose your favourite team from 51 countries all over the game and you play on different foosball tables. The variety with this game is big and that is why it is considered the best.

2. Foosball Cup by Ludus Studio

Another great quality foosball app made by Ludus Studio is the Foosball Cup which will provide you hours of fun. With this app, you can choose the team you want to play with, the size of the foosball table and the goalie system. You can play foosball against Android or you can choose 2 players option and play with your friend or family member.

Just like the app above, this application offers you numerous tournaments and challenges which will help you improve your game on the application and on the real foosball table. The graphic isn’t as good as the 1st game but they are still pretty impressive.

3. Foosball by White Collar Games

This is a fun game you could play for hours but the graphics and the features aren’t the best quality. You will love this game if you don’t mind simple graphics. You can play the game on 4 difficulties and choose whether you will play against your friend or Android.

The game has few interesting features like the Slow Motion mode and the Super Ball mode. Extremely easy to figure how to play and extremely easy to choose the duration of the match or how many goals can one score before the game is over. The downside is that you won’t use countries as teams so you can’t play World Championship but you can play with your friends for fun.

4. Foosball by NAVU App

This foosball app has a cartoon-like design which looks pretty good. Just like on the Foosball by White Collar Games, with this app you can’t choose teams by the country. There are two teams here, Blue and Red team.

One of them is yours and the other can be your friend, family member or Android. The foosballers are controlled by the little arrows in the bottom right corner (and left if there are 2 players) which can be tricky and you have to get used to that.

5.  Foosball 3D by Azanf

This app is OK but it has the lowest quality and features of all 5 chosen apps. With this app, you can’t play tournament and the controlling the players is tricky. During the game, I have experienced few dead balls on the field which wasn’t the case with other apps.

You can choose to play against Android or against your friend or family member, but that is about it when it comes to different features. The developer mentioned that the game is better on Tablets, but that is something I leave up to you do decide.

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