10 Best Mini Drones with HD Camera for Cheap Price

If you’re new to drone technology, you can buy a cheap mini drone to learn the basics of flying before upgrading to a larger drone. A mini-drone is a small size drone that can fit in your hand.
There are various mini-drones with cameras in the market but selecting the best mini drone can be challenging. A mini drone is a small size drone that can fit in your hand and can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities.

10 Best Mini Drones with camera

In this article, I have listed the best mini-drones with the camera. These drones are selected based on ease of use, portability, battery life, picture quality, flight modes, and range.

1. Hasakee H1 Quadcopter

Amazon price: $39.99

1. Hasakee H1 Quadcopter
Hasakee H1 is designed to look like a giant bee. It has an inbuilt air pressure sensor to suspense the drone on the set height. You can alternate speed between high, medium and low speeds with one-button speed. The camera allows FPV live transmission of videos connected to your smartphone.  If you lose track of the drone, you can press “Return to home” button.

  • Has an extra battery to extend flight time.
  • The fitted headless mode makes it easy to control the drone.
  • The altitude hold feature ensures the drone continues to fly with the set height.
  • It uses one key take-off and landing.

2. Eachine H8 Mini RC

Amazon Price: $22.99
2. Eachine H8 Mini RC

This is one of the cheapest mini-drone in the market. It has two flight modes: 40% for beginners and 100% for experienced pilots. LED lights to enable you to know the front and the back especially when flying at night. The stick buttons enable the drone to flip based on the direction flipped (left fly, forward and right fly, and sideways fly) once you gain some height, push down the right stick button for the drone to flip otherwise it will lose its altitude.

  • The Headless mode prevents any imposed damages when you crash the drone.
  • It is made of a durable lightweight airframe.
  • It can fly for 5-7 minutes with a flying distance of 30M

3. Rabing mini foldable drone

Amazon price: $39.99
3. Rabing mini foldable drone

This is one of the latest foldable drones with built-in 0.3 MP HD  camera. You can fold its arms to fit in the controller making it more portable. The controller not only acts as the Plastic Fabricated carrying case and but also a smartphone holder to view FPV live transmissions. Download the drone app into your smartphone (Android IOS) and control it through your phone.

  • Watch FPV video feed via the smartphone.
  • It has a collapsible fuselage with a 3D rolling.
  • It takes 30 minutes to charge and can fly for 7-10 minutes.
  • You can control this drone for up to 100M range

4. Syma X21W mini drone

Price: $49.99
4. Syma X21W mini-drone

It has a built-in Wi-Fi FPV camera to allow you to take live images and videos. The drone comes with a flight plan function to allow you to draw the routing information on your iPhone or Android  Display and the quadcopter will autopilot based on the drawn route. It uses one key for takeoff and landing.

  • Allows use of App control to remotely control the drone with your smartphone.
  • Made of lightweight durable material to enhance stability and withstand strong wind.
  • It has a battery life of 5 minutes and can fly up to 50M.

5. Eachine E010 mini UFO drone

Price: $23.99
5. Eachine E010 mini UFO drone

This is another camera mini drone for starters with a cool design which allows them to fly at a fast rate when outside.  It has built-in propeller ducts which allow to bouncing off any huge walls and also keep flying making them easy to control. It features a return key which can be used when you lose track of the drone and 3600 flips over the button. When your battery gets low, the LED start flashing notifying you to replace it.

  • It can fly for 5 minutes before replacing your batteries for more fun.
  • Dual speed rates to enable you to switch to fast mode
  • Touch design to withstand windy conditions.

6. Holystone HS150 Bolt Bee mini drone

Price: $45.99
6. Holystone HS150 Bolt Bee mini-drone

The holystone HS150 Bolt Bee is a high-speed mini drone which allows you to fly within five modes. Depending on your level, you can easily increase the flying speed and be able to zoom your camera. It has a bonus battery to increase your flying time.

  • It is extremely fast with high power motors to accelerate fast.
  • It has a 3D  rolling feature to flip in 4 directions.
  • Headless mode for beginners to easily control the flight.

7. Holystone HS 190

Price: $34.99
7. Holystone HS 190

This kind of drone can easily be folded to fit in the controller which acts as the carry case. Pressing the altitude hold button allows the drone to keep hovering at the current height. The drone can fly at high speed while making 3600 circles. It has three-speed fly modes for beginners and experts.
  • The headless mode allows you to control the flights and easily maneuver
  • Altitude hold feature enables the drone to maintain the current flying altitude.
  • The controller is fitted with a small charging cable.
  • High-speed rotation while flying.

8. Tozo Q2020 Quadcopter

Price: $29.99
8. Tozo Q2020 Quadcopter

The Tozo Q2020 has the altitude hold that allows you to release the drone and let it fly at the set height. When the headless mode is activated, the drone will flip and roll at 3600 in four directions (left, right, forward, backward). Equipped with 6-axis Gyro to easily control and let you have a stellar experience.

  • The drone can fly at a distance of 45M with a flight time of 6 minutes.
  • Allows you to switch between the three-speed modes and have fun while flying.
  • The HD camera enables you to take breathtaking images and videos.

9. Holy Stone HS160 Shadow Drone

Price: $99.99
9. Holy Stone HS160 Shadow Drone

This HS160 shadow mini drone has foldable arms that make it portable and convenient. The drone is fitted with Wi-Fi FPV HD camera which allows you to take quality images and videos. HS160 app is downloaded to Android and iOS phones to allow live transmission of images to your phone. The batteries are made of modular design to extend battery life and ensure safety during charging. The altitude hold function enhances drone stability.
  •  Foldable arms making it more portable.
  •  Four built-in speed modes.
  •  A battery which allows you to fly 7-9 minutes.
  •  3D Virtual Reality mode to increase user experience.

10. Hubsan X4 H107L Mini RC Quadcopter

Price: $34.97
10. Hubsan X4 H107L Mini RC Quadcopter

This X4 H107L is one of the best mini-drone in the market. It features a propeller protector to prevent it from crashing while flying indoors. You can turn on and off the 6 LED lights from your controller. The lights are bright enough for low flying.

  • It has replaceable parts (crash pack) which can be bought separately.
  • The built-in blade protection guard reduces crash damage.
  • The rubber stick at the bottom of the drone enables it to land safely

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