On March 17, 2016, most of the Microsoft Lumia Mobile released officially for Windows 10. The type of app comes with Windows 10 Mobile is called Universal App. The apps that are available on Windows Mobile, Windows PCs, Windows tablets, and all types of Windows 10 powered devices are the Universal app. Some of the best apps that can be developed for Windows 10 are

useful windows 10 apps

01. Zapya

It’s a file sharing app. It can quickly send files from your Windows Mobile or PC to any iPhone or Android or Windows PC or tablet or phone via Wi-Fi. It works much faster than share it.

02. Win Screens

It’s a customization app. With this app you can organize your lock screen in different ways, add your personal info and email address to your favourite wallpaper on your lock screen, and you can also set a message with your favourite cricket team logo. This app can uses in Windows 10 mobile and PC.

03. Perfect Weather

This is a weather app. You can understand the weather conditions with it. This app will give you some more features, for example, at any time, the sun rises or settles in your area, when Storm or rain (though it is in the msn weather app) and also many more features will be available in this app as well as can know gradually the next 9 days weather condition. The app’s interface is simple and a lot of motion you can use Windows 10 PC also.

04. Loadkit Download Manager

Loadkit is an ultimate download manager. It’s Downloading in different categories, browsing the net directly from the app, downloading the schedule, downloading resume support, etc. All the necessary features are in this app available. The free version allows you to download only 64 files. This app can use and install on Windows 10 Mobile and PC.

05. Perfect Tube

Perfect Tube is another YouTube player that was composed solely for Windows Phone, offering a special video player with awesome signals. With huge amounts of incredible highlights, Perfect Tube will give you a chance to transfer and play recordings, and additionally buy into different channels, and open YouTube interfaces straightforwardly in the application.

For those who are buying Windows 8 powered new products, many free apps can be useful. The technology app for Senate Analyzes is a useful app for Windows 8 devices, Skype, Translator, VLC, Flipboard, News Bento, Dropbox, Wikipedia, Fresh Paint, Adobe Photoshop Express etc.

06. Skype

You can use Skype as a free video chat and messaging application. Windows 8 version can take full advantage of Skype. Skype will allow you to create a free account and communicate with friends or loved ones. In addition Skype Skype translator is being added. This feature of translation in real-time is currently available from Spanish to English language, but more than 45 languages will be added soon.

07. Translator

Another free app for Windows device users is Microsoft Bing-powered translator. This app will help you with translation if you have trouble understanding languages during travel. This app supports 40 languages.

08. Flipboard

Flipboard is another free application for Windows 8 device users. This is the popular social media app. There are also the benefits of browsing on Twitter, Facebook There is also the ability to read update news feed using the live tile of the app.

09. VLC

Free VLC App is great for running music and video files on Windows 8.1 powered mobile phones. With the help of VLC as a media playback app you can play different media files. 

10. Dropboxes

This app for Windows 8 will be useful for those who use Dropbox to store information on desktop computers. Using this app, you can go to all your Dropbox files and manage them. In addition to this, any upload and share in the Dropbox can be downloaded from this app. The free Dropbox application will help you save the phone’s storage space.

11. GIMP

GIMP (the GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a splendid open source photograph proofreaders that is incredibly effective and is accessible to download and utilize totally free. It’s not exactly as highlight pressed as Adobe Photoshop, but rather it has everything specialist picture takers need to influence their shots to look stunning before printing them or sharing them on the web. 

12. VLC Media Player

MusicBee is the best free music player for Windows 7, but for video you need VLC Media Player. It supports a huge range of file formats (far more than Windows Media Canter), and can be expanded with user-created plugins and skins. 

13. MusicBee

MusicBee is intended to sort out melodies and podcasts coherently, include precise metadata, and give you the best solid quality your PC can give – whether you have a top of the line soundcard or not.

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