How to flash nokia phones using phoenix service software

 Step 1: you need to download phoenix service software Install it on your pc successfully After that  software is installed, phoenix will be appeared in the desktop Right click on the phoenix shortcut and click properties A window open like this and click compatibility tab then click on “run this program in compatibility mode for” and select windows Xp  (  note-this step is not for windows Xp PC ) Click “run this program as an administrator” then apply the settings click OK.

Step 2: Double click on the on the phoenix  then click yes, wait for open like this Click on the ‘tools” and drop down the cursor and click on “data package download” like this Disassemble the battery and note the product code and  (RM – __) VALUE, type this product code check the availability and then download  it. (note-mass memory content is  not need) Close this window, click on (file) on the top left corner in the software , click open product.
Step 3: Write your “RM- –” VALUE in the “type filter” box  “e-g:-RM-781 ” CLICK ON   ” OK” note- RM- value is behind the battery of your Nokia phone Make sure that no connection Click  on flashing,click on firmware update like this Click on the red encircled point ,select your product code click “OK” then click on the blue encircled point , click on “options”nokia firmware update.
Step 4: Click “allow SW downgrade’, stay in flash mode, ignore invalid SW version”. click OK Backup your phone for saving data , remove Sim card, memory card also, Finally click on refurbish .
Then follow the instructions, …….
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