I’m here with you after a long time , I moved from old domain to new domain Mobile blog just before a week and I’m going to share you something about unblocking restricted websites by the internet service providers. You might be facing such a scenario and it would be annoying one because of the DNS not found an error.

DNS  translates the domain you entered as IP address that is blocked by ISP so you can’t access that web page using their servers system. But  You can solve it by using VPN software but these are not free if you expected high-speed uploading and downloading data transferring rate.

How to bypass blocked websites without VPN software. isp like dialog, airtel, hutch mobitel

How to access restricted websites on iPhone with Dialog 4G router?

  1. Tap settings in your iPhone, mostly you can get it from home screen wait for a moment until it opens. 
  2. Tap Wifi toggle once, it will show you list of connected wifi routers.
  3. Tap your own Wifi name after that you will be able to see Wifi related settings.
  4. Tap DNS and change it to or or or

How to access restricted websites on windows laptops?

Step 1: First double click the control panel, It will show you a list of configuration menus, just click the network sharing center.

Step 2: Click change adapter settings, a popup will come up and show you a list of connected and disconnected adapters, just double click the connected adapter, it will show you the data transferring status.

Step 3: Click properties, it will show you the list items that connection uses. select internet protocol version 4 and then again click properties.

Step 4: Now click on  circle use the following DNS server address, now you can type or for preferred DNS server as well as or for alternate DNS server

How to bypass blocked websites without VPN software.

I’m sure that it will work at high speed compare to free VPN software without any annoying ads.

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