PayPal is a popular and leading payment gateway option for freelancers throughout the world. This is because of its ease to set up and it easily integrates with other websites. This makes it the most convenient online transaction system that freelancers can use. However, Indian freelancers cannot use PayPal the same way as other users from countries like Australia, U.S.A U.K etc. This is because of the PayPal and R.B.I disputes. As a result, it is important for them to find an alternative site to PayPal that are cost effective to help them get payment from international and Indian buyers.

Highlighted below is a list of alternative sites that Indian freelancers can use. They are similar to PayPal but have fewer or more features.

10 Paypal Alternatives for Indian Freelancers and Bloggers

1. Alertpay

It is the fastest growing e-currency website and allows transactions in 190 countries. It is similar to PayPal as you can accept payment to your service through it, store your money in it and use it to buy stuff online. Its verification is easy as you can verify your alert pay by verifying your credit card or through bank verification. Withdrawing money to your bank is easy and fast. It charges a low fee for transactions.


It has existed for more than ten years and provides a fast and flexible payment option. I t is also a great alternative to PayPal and is used to collect payment from all over the world. It charges a one time setup fee of $49. Its only downside is a high transaction and transfer fees.

3. Skrill

This is also a popular alternative to PayPal as it is easy to set up. It also charges low currency conversion rates.

4. PaisaPay

This online payment system only work with eBay. eBay is the biggest e-commerce website on the internet. It allows buyers to pay sellers through debit or credit cards. It runs exclusively on Indian banking and credit card infrastructure. It does not impose any transfer limit on transaction.

5. Payoneer

It is the oldest service for global payment. It allows you to receive money from European countries the U.S. Its transaction fees are very low. It is free to sign up and after transacting over $100 you get a bonus of $25.


This is an alternative for Indian users who receive payment from clients from U.S.A. No transaction fee or currency transaction fee is charged, They only charge $25 per withdrawal.

7. PayZa

This is another great alternative to PayPal. It is in fact better compared to PayPal in many ways like:
It offers a prepaid card ATM.
It accepts payment and withdrawals using bitcoin.
It is free to set up and has an android app.

8. Transferwise

It has a low transfer fee and low transfer charges. It was created by the skype team and backed up by Richard Branson.

9. Paymate. 

The great thing about Paymate is that one is not required to have a bank account to open an account with them. It is only in a few countries, India included.

10. Google checkout

This is one of the safest and secure alternative to PayPal. It is new in the market and that is why it is still not popular.

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