October 12, 2016

How to learn & teach online courses from home in srilanka and india: E-learning

by nithiyananthan Subakaran
Hi, you are landed on a good page for your search because i am also a person like you who searched for the same topic of learning online course short period of time ago. I spent so much of time to find most suitable place to study. After that i found a website called udemy. Many questions evolved from my mind about udemy like is udemy reputed to go , is it safe to pay money using credit/debit card, who will teach, quality of course materials , what is different between institute powerpoint slides notes. Finally i found everything about udemy. So let me say few things about udemy.

learn and teach online courses from home in srilanka and india:E-learning

Udemy is an online teach and learning marketplace so what does it mean, in udemy website students and lecturers can easily join by registering online form. Udemy only manages the whole tasks. For example payments between students and lecturers, conflicts and infrastructure. there are so many courses available now you can choose according to your needs, price, and reviews from other students that already enrolled for a particular course. They offer courses in main categories as follows

Development- game development, mobile apps, programming languages,  Databases, software testing, software engineering, web development, E-commerce, development tools.

Business-  entrepreneurship,  management, communication sales, strategy, operations,  business law, Finance, data & analytics, home business, human resources, industry, media, real estate, project management, other

IT & Software-  Network & security,  operating system, hardware, IT certifications, others.

Office productivity- apple, microsoft, sap, google,  intuit, oracle, other, sales force

Personal development-  productivity, memory & study skill,  career development,  happiness, religion & spirituality,personal brand building,    self esteem, personal finance,  stress management,  motivation, creativity,  personal transformation, leadership, parenting & relationships, influence, other.

Design- interior design,graphic design, design tools, user experience, game design,  3D & animation, fashion, web design,  architectural design, design thinking, other.

Marketing- non- digital marketing, search engine optimization, marketing fundamentals, digital marketing,  social media marketing, branding,  analytics & automation, public relations, advertising, video & mobile marketing, content marketing,  growth hacking, affiliate marketing, product marketing, other.

Lifestyle- beauty & makeup, home improvement, food & beverage,  travel, gaming,  pet care & training, arts & crafts, other.

Photography- photography fundamental, travel photography, landscape, wedding photography,mobile photography, portraits, black &white, commercial photography,   wildlife photography, video design, photography tools, digital photography.

Health & fitness- general health, fitness,  sports,  yoga, mental health, self defense, dance, meditation, nutrition, dieting,

Teacher training- instructional design, teaching tools, educational development,

Music- music techniques, vocal,  music software, instruments, production,

Academic- math & science, social science,  humanities.

Languages- english, spanish, russian, portuguese,  japanese, german,   chinese,  latin, arabic, hebrew, italian, french, other.

Test preparation- college entry,  international high school, grad entry exam, test taking skill.

Every course is being taught according to above main categories. When i was studying computer network and security in an institute sometimes point form powerpoint slides might be difficult to understand in home because that notes are actually made for lectures to explain the subject. and so many doubts would evolve if only studied that one . But after i enrolled udemy doubts were disappeared from me. Sometimes you might think that the youtube is best for learning using videos but that is not true at all because anyone can upload videos that may be deviated from academic standard and youtube's videos are not well structured to study.

Finally i recommended udemy platform to learn various courses from qualified lecturers. I have had personal experience with udemy. Register now and learn for discount price like me. And share your experience below comment section. Good luck.
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September 12, 2016

Methods of Securing Hardware, Software and Data in Enterprises

by nithiyananthan Subakaran
In the age of the internet being all pervasive and data flowing freely between organizations and individuals, Hardware, Software and Data Security have become a pressing need for all growing organizations. To get things started for your company has listed an approach to Security that can be implemented on various levels at IT Company:
computer security

Hardware Security

The first line of defense against theft should be for company hardware, since physical theft is the most common and recurring of company property theft.

a. CCTV Cameras

The most obvious time-tested option here would be to employ CCTV cameras in all areas of the office where devices with proprietary data are located. The IT companies will have to install compact ceiling mounted cameras which are inconspicuous which should cover all active areas of the office. The only limitation to this is the initial investment and the continuing investment in security staff to monitor live video feed.

The cameras can be fitted with motion sensors in regions of low activity to save on power and monitoring need. (Howell, 2016)

b. High Precision Motion Sensors Coupled with Night Vision Cameras

Places in an organization which have hyper sensitive information stored in purely physical or hardcopy form such as defense project blueprints, or bank Deposit vaults you will need a soaped up version of the first option that is linked to alarms and automated doors that slam shut in case a highly monitored zone registers unwarranted movement. Motion Sensing Night Vision Cameras linked to alarm systems, and automated steel doors that snap shut may be the answer here. Or motion sensing laser system can be used. (Howell, 2016)

c. High Impact Low Investment Visible Deterrents

Once the first two options are covered the company will have to get down to the specific devices for security measures. A simple act of putting up a sticker that says “ Do not Tamper: Traceable Device” will deter many wannabe data bandits. The company can put such stickers on key points on a laptop or a desktop. Services such as Immobilize (RFID tag) help you mark and display protected property. (Howell, 2016)

d. Invisible Tagging

Companies such as Retain guard and Smart Water help you tag your electronic items such as a Laptop, Tablet, smartphone or PC with a permanent unmovable tag or an invisible ink to tag the item of your choice. Post theft it can be tracked easily to retrieve the said item. (Howell, 2016)

e. Multi-layered Hardware Protection

An office environment can have zones of varying vulnerability to theft and intentional damage to data. In this case it is best to employ a variation of all the methods specified above to ensure maximum safety. The CCTV can be employed throughout the office campus since its working mechanism is pretty straightforward. In places where security is completely beyond compromise, with the fate of the company hanging on the said physical storage of data, Motion sensors coupled with night vision cameras and steel doors can be employed for security.

While inside the office working environment where it is tough to oversee every single interaction in terms of hardware exchange, you can use visible deterrents such as Immobilize RFID tags to fend off low level threats to theft.

For the more persistent thieves you can combine visible deterrents with invisible tags to see that the thefts can be tracked down and brought to light! (Howell, 2016)

Software Security

The software that your company uses is the foundation on which your business runs and on which your customer data is stored. The company will need to look into this as the most important thing on your to do list after Hardware Security.

a. Thou shalt not fail to Update and Upgrade! , finding and fixing bugs

This is the holiest of all Software Security Commandments! Since the software of an IT organization is the backbone of their electronic resources, the company will need to see to it that it is are on top of any updates or patches of the software tool that it is using, and will install it instantly. The company’s business depends on it. Not only do software upgrades increase the speed of your business, they see to it that any holes in software security aren’t exposed to interested parties, whoever they may be.

Large companies see to it that their IT admin teams take over this aspect of updating and upgrading all software’s even remotely related to the business. They work on the off-shift timings to install updates and clear system bugs and see to it that the core software’s run smoothly.

Smaller companies may not have the resources to hire large admin teams to see the regular updates are done on time. As an alternative, scanner software’s can be installed which check for updates and inform the employees so that they can install the software patches themselves.
(MacGraw, 2011)

b. Install paid Antivirus software’s

The other major way a company can ensure software security and prevent additional bugs in your program software’s is to install paid antivirus software to prevent internet security threats that eat into your processing power and corrupt system files. Free antivirus software just does not pack enough punch as much as the paid versions and even small businesses can afford the cost of such software’s. (MacGraw, 2011)

c. Add Company Specific Firewalls

No matter how small a company’s IT admin team is, it can always ask the team to develop and add custom firewalls (Software restrictions) to see that your core company software is being used the way it is supposed to. If this step is done right, it will prevent unauthorized logins, usage, and streamline the usage of software resources in your IT Company. For example if someone is hogging internet bandwidth by using domestic applications while a critical business deliverable upload is going on, the IT admin can script specific application specific firewall to see business data uploads are not hindered. (MacGraw, 2011)

Securing Sensitive Data

This is no easy task and it involves locking up all your crucial business data in layers of software security along with dedicated processing power to ensure continued protection.

a. Decide Which Data is Important

Encryption at this level is highly complicated and even expensive therefore the first thing you have to do is sort out the business data which is worthy of high level encryption and data protection. This will leave you with more resources to offer better data protection (Data security handbook, 2008)

b. Manage Passwords and user account with different access control effectively

Passwords are the first line of defense against data theft. Generating and managing them can get cumbersome if they have to be changed regularly. A company can do these using services such as Last Pass which help create and manage passwords for users. Use a paid version. (Data security handbook, 2008)

c. Train the Employees on Data Security

The best tool to avoid data theft is to prevent it, by training the workforce. Organize team meetings, webcasts or even email blasts, whatever works best for your organizations size and scale. But a company get across to its employees the best practices adopted by the company for data security have to be adhered to. Empower your employees, Cut the problem at the root! (Data security handbook, 2008)

d. Encryption

Encryption is the act of scrambling and coding data beyond its conventional use to make it meaningless to an outsider without the encryption passkeys. Services such as True Crypt help you encrypt an entire Hard Drive or even a USB drive to make sure a company uses only encrypted data which only it has access to.

SSL encryption or Socket Service Level Encryption for Webpages is a novel way of making sure your online content isn’t being hacked an external entity.

Before you start deciding on encryption first weigh the advantages and the cost side by side so that the organization doesn’t lose more than it gains, as a business. (Data security handbook, 2008)

e. Antivirus Software’s

These also play a huge role in keeping Trojan programs from the net and other viruses from hijacking or corrupting your data beyond recognition. Moderation is key here, if this is done beyond a certain extent it may actually slow down your business processes. Hence always match your antivirus software with your organizations computing power to get the best fit and results. (Data security handbook, 2008)

f. Network traffic monitoring

When it comes to ip traffic monitoring it’s a must to implemented if the company dealing with sensitive data. Most popular free ip traffic monitor software is wire shark it’s built-in with kali Linux, which is the best operating system for vulnerability penetration test. (Data security handbook, 2008)


The guidelines specified here are hugely comprehensive and highly contingent upon the size and resources of the organization. Each method stated here has to be chosen after weighing the pros and cons according the resources available in the organization against the Security need and the investment that can be made for the same. For example if the organization in question is an MNC it can encrypt large amounts of data without thinking twice about implementation cost. In small organizations data encryption and even and software upgrades have to thought upon, planned and executed based on the availability of funds.

But since this is a holistic guide to organizational security even slivers of the said guidelines can be taken out of selective context to design effective levels of security for the said organization in Hardware, Software and Sensitive Data. And organizations irrespective of size and access to funds can refer to the said suggestions to optimize existing security infrastructure and reap a higher bottom line.


Data security handbook. (2008). Chicago, Ill.: ABA Section of Antitrust Law.

Howell, D. (2016). How to protect your business hardware. [online] Techradar. Available at: http://www.in.techradar.com/news/computing/How-to-protect-your-business-hardware/articleshow/44860287.cms [Accessed 6 Sep. 2016].

MacGraw, G. (2011). Software security. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Addison-Wesley.
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August 14, 2016

100 Best WordPress Professional Themes Collections in One Place

by nithiyananthan Subakaran
Are you in search of the best WordPress themes that are simple yet elegant with minimal maintenance? It is not always about the colors, designs and simplicity, a lot more factors like creativity, productivity, and uniqueness will hold a lot of value along with the other features of each template. Here is the list of 100 best WordPress templates that are worth a try!

Divi – This WordPress Theme is the most creative and elegant theme. Its highlights are great design and professional service.

divi 2

Oshine – It is the best creative multipurpose theme of WordPress and has 5000+ customers.


Massive Dynamic - This from the WordPress themeforest is a very popular and innovation collection.

massive dynamic wordpress theme

Bateaux – A creative, professional and simple theme designed with 25 different homepage variations.

bateaux wordpress themes

Impreza – It is the best WordPress theme of the year 2016 for its detailed review and creativity.

impreza theme

BeTheme – It’s the best-selling WordPress themes for its creativity with 210+ predesigned websites.

The Core – This is a great creative corporate theme with 10 amazing templates for websites

Uncode – A super creative multipurpose theme by WordPress with over 6000+ sales.

Infinity- This theme provides highly professional online support.

Kalium – A simple theme with amazing coding features by creative people.

Zerif Pro – A 100% responsive universal premium parallax universal WordPress template

Bridge – One of the simplest WordPress themes with pre-designed templates for almost all industry.

Houston – Clean and elegant theme by WordPress which is user-friendly, mobile and web browser compatible.

Overlap – High performance featured WordPress theme with premier revolution slider and visual composer.

RHYTHM – The weekly best-selling theme for over a year and has more than 50+ demos.

Heli- A professional theme with clean and simple concept with 12+ project option.

Node – The most simplest WordPress theme for all professional solutions

Conall- A Woocommerce compatibility theme that includes edge slider with zoom animations and parallax effects.

DECA - With this theme, portfolio websites can be created easily and it has complete e-commerce functionalities.

Narcos- Ideal theme for corporate, creative agency and business. It has 22 sub-pages and 4 header styles.

Babylon- A simple and beautifully crafted WordPress theme best used for personal blogging.

SimpleMag Magazine – Very popular collection from WordPress ThemeForest and has features like configurable dropdown menu and page composer.

Waxom- A modern featured theme with premier plugins and sliders.

Perfect Rent - This theme offers memorable parallax scrolling 2D-effect with HTML and CSS.

Deploy - A highly professional and elegant theme with inbuilt drag and drop visual composer and WPML translations.

Yaga- This template is coded with WordPress and W3C coding standards with 100% responsivity and mega menu.

Stockholm - This theme has over 20 pre designed multi-concept demos and is best for business websites.

Romixa - A theme by cssigniter team designed considering SEO optimization needs and drag and drop builder.

Startit – A latest simple theme by WordPress which is ideal for startups, businesses and tech companies.

Real Estate- This theme offer non-stop support and 80+ shortcodes all in just 2 step installation.

Juster - This simple layout theme has 15 unique premade layouts for various industry purposes.

High End – A theme with plenty variations and great features. This template has 10,000+ customers.

Parallax One- One of the reliable, awesome and simple themes used worldwide. Very compatible and best for professional usage.

Taste – Best WordPress template for the food industry as it has mega menu and parallax effects.

Rustik – This theme is designed for e-commerce projects with more than 600 Google fonts.

CR8OR- a WordPress theme specially designed for a creative agency and freelancer with visual composer.

Rosemary – Simple yet modern looking WordPress theme with featured sliders and TGM plugin.

Savoy – This theme helps in focusing products and highlights quality. It has AJAX built-in features.

Yunik- The highlight of this WordPress template is it has 15 different pre-defined demos and 1400 icons.

Borderland- A unique and flexible theme ideal for presentation, eshop and blogging websites.

Raptish- A professional WordPress template that is good for uploading your Curriculum Vitae.

Wex- Latest WordPress theme with HTML5 portfolio and it has a creative touch.

Coastal- Very smooth and fast performing theme in the WordPress ThemeForest.

Salon – A black and white theme with fully responsive setup.

Creative- A complex and expensive theme best used for creative themes.

BeWebmaster- A universal theme is attractive features like fast realization and top notch support.

Vigor- A theme with a powerful administrative interface. It has 12 pre-designed templates.

Zeum- A one-page design theme by WordPress that has 24/7 support.

Marion- Best theme in the creative market with 4 color schemes and different widgets.

Flexible- Professional and elegant theme with a low cost and simple design.

Mama- Clean coded theme with bootstrap 2.0 and W3C validation.

Aurum – Advanced and fast WordPress theme that is flexible and translatable.

Bloc- Swiss styled template with more than 40 elements to create content and subpages.

Gap – It’s a latest theme published by WordPress, it’s specially designed for minimalist port-folio websites.

Pretty- Highly demanded these by designers and bloggers. It is simple and gives a classic look.

London- A clean and curvy designed theme with 100% retina + responsive.

NRG- Ideal website theme by WordPress for startups and project kick-offs.

Ronneby- Powerful, smart and creative WordPress theme designed for beginners.

Box- Innovative, effective and beautiful theme featured with MotoPress Content Editor.

The 7- best featured theme with 15+ readymade templates.

Ultra Theme- A package of more than 32 layouts with 100% responsive features.

Flow- A recent and popular theme by WordPress designed considering all new generation requirements.

Fin Art- One of the elegant theme used by photographers, designers, artists and people with creativity.

Mega- Best e-commerce website with woocommerce extension compatibility and it has regular updates

Megatron- This professionally designed and featured theme has revolution slider and VC page builder.

Zero- An absolute business theme crafted with latest technologies like CSS3, SAAS or HTML5.

Splendid- This is the most impressive WordPress template with amazing modules and shortcodes.

Polygon- A fast and effective theme with 12+ header styles and 8+ footer styles.

Gusteau- This featured and beautiful featured theme has 500+ font icons and 600+ Google fonts.

Fashion Icon- Stylish and unique website by Wordpress, best used for the fashion industry.

Pitch - A theme created especially for agencies and freelancers with full-screen slider and parallax effects

SEO WP - A WordPress theme specially designed for search engine optimization.

Brooklyn - A smart and 100% quality theme that is mobile friendly and has 11000+ customers.

Moose - A 2015 released WordPress theme with basic features and functionality.

Kalium - A user-friendly and visual composer featured WordPress theme template.

Rokophoto - Best theme for designing magazine websites and galleries as it has clean portfolio and parallax effect.

Semona - It’s easy to build an eshop with this theme as it has 3 premium plugins and revolution slider 5.0.

Salient - This advanced template has 36,259 sales and is the most like WordPress theme.

The Fox - A cool featured theme with HTML5 and CSS3 elements and jquery enhancement.

Photo Me - Most outstanding and demanded theme by photographers with 50+ galleries and portfolio templates.

Candy - A multipurpose creative theme with HTML5 and CSS3, blog and portfolio pages, bootstrap 3 support, and about 12+ pre-designed designs.

Saurus - Multidimensional and multilingual theme ideally used for wedding, fashion, portfolio and more.

Marvela - The best theme to show off your creativity and imagination. It’s supported by redux option framework and SEO.

John - A theme by WordPress with advanced typography, advanced portfolio systems, 6-page templates, and animated homepage.

Car Workshop - It is considered as a best-featured theme as it has WPML integration, video, audio and social-media options, lazy-load effect, HTML plus JS, blog and portfolio with bootstrap.

BBlod - This theme, in other words, is known as Big Bold. It has its fonts in stunning bold designs.

MiPortfolio - This one-page creative theme by WordPress has draggable slider, 3d gallery, video and HTML backgrounds.

Orane - This smart and woocommerce integrated 3D slider, a low priced theme with incomparable features.

Howl - Amazing featured and designer template with tons of unique features.

Vira - A theme that has a remix of current and past trends. Its uniqueness is minimalism, hipster, simplicity and creativity!

Pontus - One of the most powerful and smart featured theme with great customization options.

August - this themes great attractions are responsive and retina ready, woocommerce integration, powerful theme options, unlimited layouts & colors.

Discovery - Latest theme with WordPress 4.1 version ash smart and effective features and it cab boost the performance.

Sk8er - A theme inspired by iOS 8 and is a multipurpose service provider. Visual composer and revolution slider are free in this theme.

Mandala - This theme is built similar to the concept of online stores. It has a filterable portfolio, Google maps and contact form.

X - It is a multipurpose feature packed theme developed by WordPress with 4 different and unique designs.

Sydney Pro - This featured website can be fully customized and users can access various Google fonts.

Fullpane - This WordPress theme is inspired by iPhone 5C and Themify Parallax themes.

Scalia - A theme with unlimited customizable options and latest multipurpose service provider.

Moesia - A beautiful and striking theme that offers visually stunning experience and static images.

100 Best WordPress Professional Themes Collections in One Place
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August 2, 2016

Uber Apps Service Alternatives to India and Pakistan

by Rajesh Raj
Taxis have long been used as one of the primary modes of transportation in cities to get from Point A to Point B, and one of the most popular innovations of the traditional taxi grab have been an upgrade to what are called transportation apps’, in which consumers can use an app on their smart phones to request transportation from drivers who use their own vehicles.

Uber has easily been the most successful app transportation service and has successfully challenged traditional modes of city transportation. But even though Uber is currently available in over sixty countries and four hundred cities across the globe, it is not at all your only option in this market.

In fact, competition to Uber has sprung up in all corners of the world, including in major Asian markets such as India and Pakistan. Let’s look at some of the most viable alternatives to Uber in these two countries:

Uber Apps service  Alternatives to India and Pakistan

Ola Cabs

Ola Cabs is easily the biggest competitor to Uber in India. The reason why is because Ola commands a vast fleet of cars in over eighty different Indian cities, and also manage to offer prices that are far less than Uber. You might think that this decrease in price translates to a decreased quality in the cars for transportation, but this is simply not true. All drivers with Ola Cabs are verified and their vehicles carefully inspected for both safety and cleanliness.

 Easy Taxi

Easy Taxi is another significant competitor for Uber, offering services in over thirty different countries and four hundred cities, with over four hundred thousand taxi drivers spread across those cities. One of those countries is India. Easy Taxi provides features such as the estimated arrival time for your drive as a fare calculator for your destination, along with a number of vouchers and coupons that are redeemable on your phone. All drivers for Easy Taxi are screened and cars checked for safety.

Albayrak Taxi (A-Taxi)

Albayrak Taxi (also known as A-Taxi) is one of the most viable alternatives to Uber in the country of Pakistan. They offer a simple fare of just Rs 120 for every thirty five kilometers, and offer both taxi and rent-a-car services. All cars under A-Taxi are air conditioned, monitored for twenty four hours, and driven by fully trained drivers.


 Careem is a Dubai-based chauffeur cab company who have more recently expanded their operations into Pakistan, specifically into the cities of Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi. They have come into direct competition with Uber as a result. They offer four different kinds of cars for transportation: business, economy, max, and even transportation for children.


As you can see, there are plenty of reputable transportation alternatives to Uber in the countries of India and Pakistan. Since there is plenty of room to grow in the app transportation market, you can also expect even more transportation companies like Ola Cabs or Careem to appear in India and Pakistan and expand as well.
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10 Paypal Alternatives for Indian Freelancers and Bloggers

by Rajesh Raj
PayPal is a popular and leading payment gateway option for freelancers through out the world. This is because of its ease to set up and it easily integrates with other websites. This makes it the most convenient online transaction system that freelancers can use. However, Indian freelancers cannot use PayPal the same way as other users from countries like Australia, U.S.A U.K etc. This is because of the PayPal and R.B.I disputes. As a result it is important for them to find an alternative site to PayPal that are cost effective to help them get payment from international and Indian buyers.

10 Paypal Alternatives for Indian Freelancers and Bloggers

Highlighted below is a list of alternative sites that Indian freelancers can use. They are similar to PayPal but have fewer or more features.

1. Alertpay

It is the fastest growing e-currency website and allows transactions in 190 countries. It is similar to PayPal as you can accept payment to your service through it, store your money in it and use it to buy stuff online. Its verification is easy as you can verify your alert pay by verifying your credit card or through bank verification. Withdrawing money to your bank is easy and fast. It charges a low fee for transactions.

2. 2checkout.com

It has existed for more than ten years and provides a fast and flexible payment option. I t is also a great alternative to PayPal and is used to collect payment from all over the world. It charges a one time setup fee of $49. Its only downside is a high transaction and transfer fees.

3. Skrill

This is also a popular alternative to PayPal as it is easy to set up. It also charges low currency conversion rates.

4. PaisaPay

This online payment system only work with eBay. eBay is the biggest e-commerce website on the internet. It allows buyers to pay sellers through debit or credit cards. It runs exclusively on Indian banking and credit card infrastructure. It does not impose any transfer limit on transaction.

5. Payoneer

It is the oldest service for global payment. It allows you to receive money from European countries the U.S. Its transaction fees are very low. It is free to sign up and after transacting over $100 you get a bonus of $25.

6. Zilra.co

This is an alternative for Indian users who receive payment from clients from U.S.A. No transaction fee or currency transaction fee is charged, They only charge $25 per withdrawal.

7. PayZa

This is another great alternative to PayPal. It is in fact better compared to PayPal in many ways like:
It offers a prepaid card ATM.
It accepts payment and withdrawals using bitcoin.
It is free to set up and has an android app.

8. Transferwise

It has a low transfer fee and low transfer charges. It was created by the skype team and backed up by Richard Branson.

9. Paymate. 

The great thing about paymate is that one is not required to have a bank account to open an account with them. It is only in a few countries, India included.

10. Google checkout

This is one of the safest and secure alternative to PayPal. It is new in the market and that is why it is still not popular.
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