Phoenix is one of the best addon service in Kodi app. What is Kodi? Kodi is a free media player software. It offers users to play videos, music, images, slideshows, weather forecasts, etc. These videos and music may be provided from internet or local storage. To provide this media player service and other services, Kodi encourages to bring the best kind of addon services in it. Phoenix is such like that. It is an exciting Live TV addon in the Kodi .

We advise you to access the content which you have legal rights . This is a 3rd party addon so we didn’t recommend to install on your Tv.

Phoenix Kodi addon:

Phoenix Kodi addon is a video addon. It provides the facility for the users of streaming multi-media. There are a lot of video add-on in the Kodi app. But Phoenix addon is a very different from other addons. It is very user-friendly addon. All the necessary services for the users are available here. We can say it “all in one” service.

Users get permission to watch live streaming TV shows through this add-on. Beside this, It allows the users to use various kinds of options. So, we can say that Phoenix Kodi addon is a complete package addon service.

official kodi logo - kodi phoenix addon

Phoenix services:

We mentioned before that one can get all the necessary services from Phoenix. When you enter into the Phoenix, you can see the following categories:
  • Phoenix sports
  • Phoenix new releases
  • Documentary
  • Crusader88
  • Diva’s Den
  • Cartoon crazy
  • Filmography
  • Phoenix TV

To get access to this addon you should install it first. In the following writing I will show you how to install phoenix on kodi.

Option 1: Installing phoenix on kodi  Indigo:

If you use "Indigo", you have to follow the following steps-
1. Open the “Kodi app”
2. Enter into “Add-ons” option

enter addon
3. Press on “Indigo” box
4. Choice "search by addon/author” bar

search author
5. Write from keyboard- “Phoenix” exactly
6. Press on the folder for Phoenix > “Install Phoenix”

install phoenix
8. You will find the addon from Video addons option after you receive confirmation of installing.

Option 2 : Installing phoenix on kodi  SuperRepo:

If you use "SuperRepo", you have to follow the following steps-
1. Go to Kodi home screen
2. Then drift over “Add-ons” option

hover over addons

3. Press on “My add-ons” bar
4. Choice the ….. sign option and then “Install from repository” bar

Install from repository
5. After that Press on “SuperRepo All” option

SuperRepo All
6. Then choice “Video addons” bar
7. Here you should scroll to find "Phoenix" option
8. After getting “Phoenix”, Tap on it

9. Then Press on “install” option

install phoenix button
10. Wait for getting confirmation
11. After getting confirmation start using it

Option 3 : Installing Phoenix on Kodi 17.3 Krypton :

If you use Kodi 17.3 Krypton version, you have to follow the following instructions-

1. Open Kodi 17.3 krypton software
2. Choice “system” option
3. Then choice “File manager” bar
4. Press on <none> bar to input the path and Write from keyboard "" on the path field
5. Then press “OK” option
6. Enter a name for the media source
7. Write from keyboard “fusion” and press “OK” to confirm
8. After that, Go back to home screen & select “Addons” option
9. Then select “Addon browser” >> “Install from zip file” >>”Fusion”
10. Press “kodi-repos” option
11. Then Select English
12. Choice “repository.xbmchub-X.X.X.Zip” option
13. After selecting that wait for the confirmation in the notification
14. After confirmation, press “Install from repository” option
15. Press “ addon Repository” >> “Video addons”
16. Then choice "Phoenix" to get ready to install
17. Press on “install” button and Wait for a while to get the confirmation
18. Getting confirmation, you can use it.

Streaming option of Phoenix:

When you will start using it, you can access all of its services. Phoenix has more streaming options than other addons. It is very popular for watching movies, TV shows, movie channels and so on. In this way Phoenix connects huge number of users to different streaming sites. Among all streaming options sports streaming is very much exciting and popular.

Sports streaming of Phoenix:
Phoenix gives access to some of the popular channels from UK and U.S. PAC-12 sports channels, Sky sports channels, BT Sports channels, sport-specific channels for U.S. sports are included in Phoenix addon. Beside this, European and other international channels are also available in Phoenix Kodi addon. Some TV list of Sports section-
  • ZEM TV
  • Zodiac
  • Sports Relays
  • Live Hockey
  • The Horse Racing
  • Sports Demon
  • The ONE
  • Ace live
 Outside of sports streaming, Phoenix has new release movie list also.

Phoenix new releases:
If anyone want to enjoy new release movie, he can find it in Phoenix new release movie list. Each movie has a few link options. You can go any of the links.

Phoenix Diva’s Den:
Phoenix Diva’s Den is a multi-option containing sections. It has the following options:
  • Hallmark
  • Fitness
  • Actress resume
  • Lifetime
  • The housewives
  • Women’s magazines
  • The wedding collections
  • TV series

Phoenix documentary:
Phoenix has a huge collection of documentaries. These documentaries are on different kind of topics. You can find your required documentary from this collection.

Phoenix Crusader88:

Arabic and International TV can be watched from this section. There are around 80 different countries channels Under international channel section. And under the Arabic section, you can find General, Religion, Education, Sports, Kids, Music, and Entertainment categories. There is no one country option except Arabic under the Arabic section. Here I think Crusader88 is one of the most desired option for many users.

Phoenix Cartoon’s crazy:

There are many interesting cartoon and anime collection in the Cartoon’s crazy section. You can find your desired cartoon and anime by searching in the search option.

Phoenix Kodi addon is a very pleasant service. After installing it you can get all of your necessary services from this one add-on. You will get entertainment, information and most importantly you can keep yourself up to date through using it. So, install Phoenix on Kodi app and enjoy yourself.