Television is love for many of us, we love watching our favorite shows and movies but we can't carry a television with us every time. This gave birth to live television streaming apps. With time live TV streaming is coming in a trend and instead of sitting before television we go for online options. There are thousands of options available to choose from but the best one can be Kodi live TV app.

We all are very well known for the open-source software precisely designed for home entertainment named as Kodi. Firstly Kodi was created for Xbox and Xbox media center, since than Kodi could not restrain itself from developing and creating its own community. Kodi is now used widely for streaming favorite shows and TV channels online. It utilizes the most popular third-party Best Kodi addons liable of streaming media from the web.

Addons for Kodi are in a continuous state of change with old addons. Some of the old Kodi addons were the best of their times but with time new addons keep showing up in the Kodi addons list. There are many Kodi addons are available to use but the dilemma is, which one will really make your tv experience scrummy. Well, this post is highly dedicated to tech lovers, who love TV. We will go through the list of best Kodi addons that can be used.

It’s time for your favorite TV show and for some reason, you are not in a place where you can have direct access to a TV. Don’t worry anymore, TV on Kodi has got you covered. Getting a TV on Kodi is very easy, and it takes just a few minutes. The good thing is, there are numerous Addons on Kodi that allows you to stream your TV wherever you are. Many of the Addons are free and easy to install on your device.
Read on to discover

  • Which Addons works best for you.

Which one gives you the best experience on Kodi.?

Disclaimer: It is essential to understand that many Addons are purchased online, or by following instructions provided by the provider. It is illegal to pirate any addon on Kodi, and if caught, you will be prosecuted. However, there are a few that are free and hence if not ready to pay, you can search for the free ones or those which offer a few free trials.

To avoid receiving copyright infringement notices, it is advisable to use a VPN for you to successfully stream your favorite movies, TV, shows, and sports through various Addons.

The list below keep changing, and the services offered by every addon keep on changing with time. Therefore, it is essential to keep on checking to see the updated ones as well as get the best in the market.

1. USTVNow Plus

Similar to UKTV Now, USTVNow allows its users to watch live streaming TV shows on Kodi by giving them streaming access to numerous U.S. cable networks. USTVNowPlus will offer you seven primary network channels for its free versions. The seven basic network channels include NBC, ABC, CW, My TV, PBS, and fox. Installing STVNowPlus into your device takes a few steps and guidelines that are easy to follow.

2. Goodfellas 2.0

The updated version of different original versions of, great Kodi Addons is brought a new outlook and improvement of the Kodi community. Goodfellas 2.0 will definitely be one of the best options for viewing live TV shows. It carries with it great options of live streams to chose from and gave you access to all the important channels and dozens of options and channels you may never have thought of.

3. Castaway

Castaway can be said to be among the oldest Addons for Kodi since it has been in existence for a long time. For that reason, much of its essential features are no longer active. However, that does not mean that it will not be of any use to the viewer. There are still some live streaming TV  services under its “Live TV” section where you will find a long list of dozens of websites that stream live content. However, it is important to note that, the developers of Castaway no longer support it and hence many of its streaming options may be inactive.

4. PlayOn

This is the best platform for integrating paid streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and Netflix into Kodi. PlayOn offers you a perfect cross-platform solution. This addon is very cheap since it only costs you less than 3 dollars per month and in return gives you excellent services. Other than playing live stream TV, it also gives you an option of saving your favorite video files into a simple MP4 format for playback.

PlayOn understands how boring and annoying the various adverts that keep pop in out in the middle of your viewing area. For that reason, it has provided its users with a feature that allows them to skip adds automatically. However, for you to be able to record video while using the app of PlayOn Media Server, a PC is required. Thee Kodi addon, however, works on any operating system.

The best thing that makes PlayOn a perfect choice any time is the fact that it is a legal option to integrate Kodi with your paid streaming services.

5. YouTube

YouTube has been in the market for the longest time now, and its popularity is growing by the day. Just like the regular YouTube, this addon provides you with almost every movie or TV show you might be looking for. Whether you need the full episodes or just a few video clips, you will find them all on this addon.

Many of the videos you find on YouTube are also available on this addon. However, the best thing is that you get better ad quiet time using this addon since you get an option of bypassing all the annoying video options and side banners. At the same time, when using this addon, you don’t get the disrupting advertisements that play typically on YouTube before your video.

It is, however, important to understand that, you cannot be able to use the YouTube addon or have access to any of its content before you par your device. This is done by signing in, and keying-in the activation code sent to your device.

Although you might run into one or two pirated content on YouTube, this addon is legal, and they are always very keen on checking for the pirated content.

6. USTV Now

USTV Now is an exciting add-on. This is majorly designed for experts living overseas as well for US military team. However, that doesn’t close out the chances for any other interested candidate to sign in. The only challenge is that this addon is quite expensive when compared with other Addons and the number of services it offers.

USTV roughly costs 20 dollars per month for limited DVR services and 28 cable channels. If you need to receive unlimited DVR services, you will be forced to pay 39 dollars per month which might be quite expensive. USTV now gives you an opportunity of accessing dozens of movies and TV shows. They can either be on-demand replays or those you saved through DVR.

7. Bennu live

This is the new version of the old Phoenix addon. People had already given up on Phoenix after its services failed and it looked mixed-up. However, Bennu live has now brought a new phase and contentment to Phoenix lovers because it has come with totally new services. It has new organizational structures as well as new functionality.

8. BBC iPlayer (iPlayer WWW)

Just as its name suggests, this is a channel for loves of developing news since it lives streams BBC. It also gives you access to BBC’s on-demand content. The best thing about this site is that it works very well and at the same time, their streaming is very clear and of high quality.

Accessing any BBC content through this addon is a straightforward exercise. At the same time, the lice streams have no buffering, and there are very efficient and fast. However, for all British residents, one needs to have a TV  License to have access to this site. At the same time, those living outside the UK will need a VPN  since they are restricted from accessing its content.

9. Made in Canada IPTV

By looking at its name, one would be misled to think it offers Canadian content only. Although it has dozens of Canadian TV contents, it is not limited to that alone. Made in Canada IPTV actually offers the best services for those who are into both British and US TV. This addon will offer you the best quality content there is for the two.

One of the things that have made this addon stand out from the rest is how well organized it is. It is one of the most organized Addons for Kodi and offers focused and quality services to its users. It has a specific section for each country, and each section has a list of different channels provided by that particular country. At the same time, this addon has a separate section for sports content.

10 FilmOn Simple

Are you in need of a TV addon that will offer you unique services and that has a broad list of the channels provided? The FilmOn Simple would be the perfect choice for you. It has its content pulled from a vast number of live streams originating from unique regions.

FilmOn Simple offers African and Asian live TV options that are not available in many other TV Addons. This TV addon also has a long list of different European channels that are rare to find in other TV Addons. This addon at the same time has a large number of segments that specifically focus on different fields of interest such as Shopping, Travel, Education, and Lifestyle.

11. PlayStation Vue (PS Vue Addon)

 PlayStation Vue is a unique  TV streaming option offered by PlayStation. After you sign up for this account, you will be able to access your PlayStation Vue account through Kodi by the use of a Kodi addon that is available on Official Kodi Addon Repository.  The service is however quite expensive since it 39 US dollars per month ($39.99 a month) cost. However, other than the DVR option, which helps you to record movies and TV shows, it also offers its users on-demand TV shows and movies streaming. This makes it worth the subscription fee paid.

12. Project M

Project M is only best for lovers of sports. This is because most of its other sections are still indicating ‘coming soon.’ This simply means that it is still work in progress. Others that have something working is only audio playing and nothing else. This, however, doesn’t disqualify it from the various TV Addons available since it might be very resourceful once it is completed.

13. Crackle

The crackle addon gives you access to crackle movie library directly for free. Many people have asked about the legality of Crackle addon for Kodi bearing in mind it is a free addon. The good news is, crackle addon is perfectly legal.

What many people don’t know is that Crackle addon merely is Sony’s free online video library that offers a wide variety of Sony’s licensed films. The fact that Sony is fully packed with movies, you can be assured of a good and high-quality range of film here as well. The primary examples of the films found on Crackle are action film Bad Boys II,  comedy remake of Guess Who released in 2005 and the Will Smith boxing movie famously known as Ali.

There are different versions of Crackle on Kodi addon repositories so get the one that works best for you.

14. FilmRise YouTube

Have you always been dreaming of an addon that legal and can provide you with dozens of films to watch? You can never go wrong with FilmRise addon because it will for sure not disappoint you.

 FilmRise is a dedicated TV and film distribution company that obtains licenses hence it is a perfectly legal entity. The best thing about Film Rise is the fact that it is free. FilmRise offers more than 7,500 titles that you will quickly find on YouTube and hence readily available through Kodi.

There are various FilmRise Kodi addon, available online, but the one that matches our description is FilmRise – YouTube. This one will give you access to all of the FilmRise content available on YouTube.

15. Internet Archive [Video]

Have you been trying to get your hand on classic, license-free films to no avail? Internet Archive [Video] is the right add-on for you. The Internet Archive is an enormous online database replete that contains all kinds of content, from music to software. At the same time, this addon has a large assembly of material for the internet as well as a vast video library that is easily accessible through Kodi.

The best thing about this site is that there is no subscription or paywall needed to view any of its content. This makes it easy for you to watch the classic of your choice without any effort.

16. SnagFilms

SnagFilms is a TV and film distribution company that works almost the same way just like FimRise. FilmRise is a dedicated TV and film distribution company that obtains licenses hence it is a perfectly legal entity. The best thing about Film Rise is the fact that it is free.

The only notable difference between FilmRise and SnagFilms is that SnagRise has a smaller library of 5,000 titles of TV shows and films compared to FilmRise which offers more than 7,500 titles, that you will quickly find on YouTube and hence readily available through Kodi.

You can enjoy an outsized selection of SnagFilms content legally and freely by the use of the SnagFilms Kodi addon. You can get SnagFilms on the certified Kodi Addon Repository.

17. Big Star Movies

There is only one word describing Big Star Movies “amazing”. This addon puts together a large number of movies from their Big Star Movies website. One of the advantages of using Big Star Movies is the fact that it offers its users unique movies and TV shows pulled from different popular fields.

Big Star Movies is as well organized and offers the best services to its users. There is also a premium service that is only provided at a fee.

18. Viewster

Viewster is based in Switzerland and it offers streaming service of movies and TV shows for free. One of the things that have made Viewster stand out among other Addons is that you can access it from anywhere. It is available to international viewers without any restrictions. However, for those living countries with content filtering, it might be a challenge to access it for example China.

19. Nemesis

Nemesis is one of the best Addons, and although it is not very popular, it offers many services to its clients. It offers you live and on-demand TV streaming options for all Kodi users. Nemesis can merely be called an all-in-one-source since it does not only allow its users to stream live shows but it also allows its user to listen to police scanners and play their audiobooks.

20. Bob Unleashed

Bob Unleashed addon is an upgraded version of the original and well-known Bob Unrestricted addon. The developers behind this addon did not only change its name, but they as well gave it a major facelift by adding more and anticipated live TV options.

If you are looking for an addon for Kodi than quantum is the correct one. This addon is updated and the developers keep on surprising the users every time a new update comes out.


So these were the best 20 popular and smart addons for Kodi live TV. I hope these Kodi addons will help you increase the fun with online TV and you return to us with a positive experience. These ranking of these Kodi addons keeps changing as new add-ons appear, but no problem we are here to update you will every new and best Kodi addons that come out for Kodi. For now, go and Grab whichever Kodi addon fits your requirements and you feel comfy using it.