10 Best Kodi Addons for Live TV

Television is love for many of us, we love watching our favorite shows and movies but we cant carry a television with us every time. This gave birth to live television streaming apps. With time live TV streaming is coming in a trend and instead of sitting before television we go for online options. There are thousands of options available to choose from but the best one can be Kodi live TV app.

We all are very well known for the open source software precisely designed for home entertainment named as Kodi. Firstly Kodi was created for Xbox and Xbox media center, since than Kodi could not restrain itself from developing and creating its own community. Kodi is now used widely for streaming favorite shows and TV channels online. It utilizes the most popular third-party addons liable of streaming media from the web.

Addons for Kodi are in a continuous state of change with old addons. Some of the old addons were the best of their times but with time new addons keep showing up in the addons list. There are many addons are available to use but the dilemma is, which one will really make your tv experience scrummy. Well, this post is highly dedicated to the tech lovers, who love TV. We will go through the list of best addons that can be used.
1. GoodFellas 2.0

When it comes to Kodi addons for live TV, we can simply go for GoodFellas. GoodFellas is very well known best third party Add-on for Kodi because it let you watch your favorite TV channels at your fingertips without causing any restriction. All the popular categories of TV channels are available to watch. Some of them are Entertainment, Sports, News and all the kid's channels.

GoodFellas brings on-demand video streaming. You can use Kodi to watch the latest and classic movies, TV shows and everything else. The people who developed GoodFellas are the most talented and passionate people in the Kodi community. This also becomes the reason why you will find very few link that is not working when using GoodFellas after the installation process. We strongly recommend using GoodFellas Kodi addon as it is the best option available.

2. Bennu

Bennu is an Egyptian themed add-on from the very same developers of Phoenix. It can be said that Bennu is an updated version of Phoenix. Bennu is producing good results were Phoenix failed to do that. The functionality of streams and organizational structure is improved in Bennu and you can find most of the streaming option if you go for Bennu Add-on.

Even though this addon is out for just a few months, the followers count it gaining is unbelievable. This is not by luck, its because Bennu combines thousands of sources on the web and present a large library of streamable media contents.

Bennu is one of the most actively maintained for live TV and it can be said as the best of for the Kodi users. Bennu brings you most channels from sports to live tv from all around the world.

3. Bob Unleashed

Those who are using Kodi for a long time must have been heard about this add-on because it is in the market for a quite long period of time. This add-on is considered as one of the capable addons for Kodi live streaming. The list of best 10 addons remains incomplete if bob unleashed is not mentioned into. With a large working and healthy library of live TV stream, bob unleashed is simple another best add-on which can be used to make the TV experience worth repeating. The developers of bob unleashed also managed to add the much anticipated live TV option in it.

There is a large number of playlists available in bob unleashed. You can find a large number of categories from sport to movies. The quality of the streaming is up to the mark and comes with a drool-worthy user interface.

4. Nemesis

Well, still a new name to many, nemesis also offer a large variety of live TV options for the Kodi lovers. This amazing addon also let the user play audio-books and can also let you listen to police scanner if you are not feeling like to watch the usual TV.

The amount of the content available is very large and you will never feel bored while the tv is on.The other things that you can do to install nemesis add-on are watching the live camera feeds from around the world. Well, that’s something new if you're looking for something which is less pre-planned.

If you are in the search of a grand solution for all you online streaming, your search ends with this add-on. Nemesis offers a huge collection of multiple types of media that you are interested in watching.  The nemesis Kodi addon offers you wide range of content that can be seen on its homepage when you install the addon.

There are over a dozen categories to choose from, some of them are sports programming, movies and TV shows, cartoons and animies, audio-books and there is a reserved section for adult content, which requires age verification. Also, the add-on filters out the unreliable links when it tries to stream any kind of file. This is fully applied to TV shows and movies. This add-on does all the hard work for you and presents you, the best and the working.

5. FilmOn Simple

FilmOn Simple can be considered as a unique add-on for Kodi medic center as this addon provides a large number of streams from unique regions. You know what? African and Asian live TV options are available in this add-on. If you like two watch European channels than there are a lot of channels to watch and some of these channels are not common and are not available with most of the Kodi addons. There is a large number of categories based on once interests. Some of the amazing categories include science and technology, shopping, lifestyle, education, and travel.

This is a premium priced service, you can use it free of any charges to get access to high-quality content with occasional ads. Although high definition content can only be accessed by paying some bucks. This addon also provides a simple and easy in navigation interface to its users.

6. Falcon

Falcon comes along with a large number of live TV streaming options in high quality and very few time to load videos. If you are a sports enthusiast then there is another add-on of the falcon is available that features the streaming of only sports channels that are available to watch in the falcon.

If you already installed the project M addon given in this list than installing the falcon for Kodi will be an easier process for you. Falcon is offering Falcon TV rival cloud TV and both of these are very high in quality and streams. If you are willing to get access to cool features that come along with falcon add-on for Kodi, than click here and follow the steps.

It was created by the indie Kodi developer. There are various menus allows you to find the links of on-demand TV shows and movies. Falcon is just above the expectations of the users as the features come along with are more than expected.

7. Project M

Project M comes along with few interesting sections to choose from, including a separate movies section for movie lovers. Project M also have a live sports option for sports lovers. It also has a world TV section with the addon which is currently not occupied but soon it will be loaded with interesting stuff. The live sports option features over 70 play-lists.

Also, there is a section for Nordic TV. If you live sports TV which comes with only audio than project M can be a good option for you. Soon there are updates coming for this add-on which will make it go high on the list of best addons for Kodi.You can enjoy non-stop access to TV shows movies and sports on your device using this addon.

8. IPTV Made In Canada

This addon, made in Canada IPTV is just not what comes to mind after look at the name. Along with loads of Canadian content, it also offers high in quality content for us and British. This addon is very well organized and offer very focused offering. It comes along with a precise section for each country and list of the channels in it. Made in Canada IPTV also comes along with a specific section that features only sports content.

This add-on is a release from CrazyOne and PLAztec4life. Made in Canada IPTV also promotes special events PPV’s and other great stuff. You can also get access to junior hockey games. Also, the basketball section is worth checking.

The important fact that we must know here is, made in Canada store not content on its own. Yeah right, it just simply uses the public internet for the important information. The developers have no control over the content.

9. cCloud TV

This is one of the best addon available on the list of best addons for Kodi. There are thousands of channels to choose from and another large number of options available for the users.

If you are looking for an addon that can bring you most of the United States and United kingdom related content than this is it. Ccloud TV does that for you. You can find most of US and UK channels when you will install this amazing add-on.

Ccloud TV is not only full of functions and content but it also comes along with a great interface to operate and followed by easy navigation. The quality of streaming that you can get with this add-on is just out of the trend, it's amazing.

There are several updates to come, which will surely increase the quality and performance of this add-on for Kodi.

10. Quantum

This is not just a single add-on, but it hosts the content for various addons. This add-on also has a special section which features a live TV, which also includes the TV streams for the popular add-on oblivion. If you are an oblivion lover than you will find it here in the form of quantum. The original oblivion add-on can be installed but the plugin doesn't work the way they are required to do.

There are many other live stream options available to choose from such as BAMF IPTV, ultra live, Free-view, Lily Sports live and Fido live. Each of these is followed by different live streams.

If you are looking for an add-on for Kodi than quantum is the correct one. This addon is updated and the developers keep on surprising the users every time a new update comes out.

So these were the best 10 popular and smart addons for Kodi live TV. I hope these addons will help you increase the fun with the online TV and you return to us with a positive experience. These ranking of these addons keeps changing as new addons appear, but no problem we are here to update you will every new and best addons that come out for Kodi. For now, go and Grab whichever add-on fits your requirements and you feel comfy using it.