Kodi is a free open source media player software that comes with Addons. It is available for several systems for use with television as well as remote controls. A Kodi user has an opportunity to play and view media files from the internet. Kodi is free and a nonprofit technology.

We advise you to access the content which you have legal rights . This is a 3rd party addon so we didn’t recommend to install on your Tv


One of the addons that come with Kodi is Exodus. We won’t be wrong to say Exodus is the most popular add-on that is currently available. This is because users are given an extremely big number of options to stream. May it be watching TV shows or movies produced locally or internationally, you can do all these with Exodus addon on Kodi.

install exodus on kodi

Unfortunately, exodus addon is owned by third party and not Kodi. This means the addon cannot verify a genuine content from the illegal ones. This raises a lot of copyright concerns which has lead to the add-on being banned in some countries like USA, Germany, UK, etc. It is therefore important to install a VPN on your device before using Kodi.

What is a VPN?

Due to some countries considering the use of Exodus illegal, installing a reliable Virtual Private Network is very important. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) encrypts your traffic and provides you with a new and different IP address. This new IP address hides your streaming activities from your Internet Service providers.

After installing VPN on Kodi your connection to the internet becomes anonymous. This gives you the privacy you need and therefore keeps you safe from the law. Without a VPN your internet provider is able to detect when you stream or download media that contains a copyright. They may sometime send you threatening letters or report you to the authorities.

When you install a VPN on Kodi, it takes away your worry of not only receiving threatening letters and emails from your Internet Service Provider but also being caught acting against the law. Unfortunately, the only good Kodi addon that will allow you to set up a Virtual Private Network is running OpenELEC or LibreELEC which is a fork of a famous media application.

Both OpenELEC and LibreELEC have a Kodi addon that will allow you to setup a Virtual Private Network service directly within Kodi. Although many prefer running the main Kodi on an operating system based on Android and use a VPN at the same time, these two alternatives are normally not a good option. It is therefore important to adhere to the rule above.

Step by Step Installation of Exodus on Kodi

Exodus on Kodi has recently been updated by independent developers and it is therefore free from bugs and issues. It is now possible to find New Exodus on XvBMC,TKNorris Repository, Kodi Bae and Kodil for Kodi-17.6 Krypton users. This is still the finest Kodi add-on for downloading and streaming TV shows and Movies on Kodi.

The below guide, will provide detailed steps of installing Exodus on Kodi within a few seconds.

Installing Exodus Kodi 17.6 containing Kodi Bae Repository

  1. The first and the most important step is downloading of the Zip File Kodi Bae Repository.
  2. Once this is done, you can now open Kodi, the go to ‘Addons’ section and click ‘Box-icon.
  3. The third step is selecting ‘Install from Zip File’. Once the file is uploaded, it takes some time to install.
  4. At this point, the Exodus add-on is installed. To confirm that go back to ‘Kodi Home’ then tap on the ‘Addons’ section, then ‘Video Add-on, then ‘Exodus’ and you will be good to go.

Installing Exodus Kodi 17.6 with the latest version of XvBMC Repository

XvBMC Repository is a new version that hosts well-liked Kodi addons including Covenant, Salts RD Lite, Community Portal, Exodus, and so much more. This brings the New Exodus back to existence. To install this, a few steps are followed which are:

  1. Launching Kodi Krypton: this is done by clicking on ‘Settings’ gear-icon mostly found on top of your device. Then tap ‘File Manager’.
  2. Click on ‘Add Source: you add source by scrolling down and double-clicking the ‘Add Source’ icon.  Click on ‘None’ when the box appears.
  3. Paste the URL: Paste the given URL then select okay. Name the media that is XVBM then press ‘OK’.
  4. Go back to Kodi’s main Menu: After this is done, select ‘Addons’ box symbol on top.
  5. Pick on install from Zip File: once you’ve done this, a box will appear, tap on XvBMC, tap on XvBMC-4.20.zip repository then wait for the installation process to complete.
  6. Tap ‘Install from Zip File: this is followed by selecting XvBMC (Addons) Repository.
  7. Step seven: The 7th step is tapping on ‘Add-on Repository icon found at the top of your. Then pick on tknorris Release Repository and hit install.
  8. Step 8: click on ‘Backspace’ to go back on two spaces. Then pick on tknorris Release Repository.
  9. Go to video Addons: find and select Exodus then hit Install. And you will now be set to use your Kodi.

Installing Exodus Kodi 17.6-Krypton with Kodil Repo

  1. Open Kodi: to open Kodi, click the ‘Settings’ symbol placed on top. Tap on ‘File Manager’ then DSouble Click the ‘Add Source’.
  2. Click none: once you’ve clicked none, type or paste the given URL, then click OK. Type the Media Source Name which is Kodil in this case. Then clock ‘Ok’.
  3. Go back to main menu: pressing the ‘Backspace’ button several times takes you back to Kodi’s main menu. Tap the ‘Addons’ tab then click on ‘Package Installer’ symbol placed at top left.
  4. Pick on ‘Install from Zip File’: then click on Kodi. Find and click Kodil.zip then wait for installation process of Add-on to complete.
  5. Select ‘Install from Repository’: Click on Kodi Repository, then Video Addons, then Exodus and finally install. Once this is done, wait for the device to enable the ‘add-on’.
  6. Get back to Kodi’s main menu: click on Addons, then Video Addons, and then Exodus and you can now enjoy streaming TV shows and movies of your choice. 

Installing Exodus doesn’t require an expert. No matter the Repository you choose, all you need is be keen in following the procedure and you will be good to go.