Free Translation App For Android: Alpha Translator

Translating a word or phrase these days is as simple as Googling something these days. But, let us face it, if you regularly need to translate text from one language to another, you can’t always use Google. You will definitely need a translation app where you can get back to, save translation records, and listen to pronunciations. Presenting this free translation app for Android, Alpha Translator, which will fulfil all your translation needs. Alpha Translator is powered by very accurate Bing Translator, so you can be very sure while using this app. Its quick and responsive interface lets you translate words and phrases with just a single click.
It is a lightweight and easy to use translator app with support for 60+ languages and can be downloaded from Google Play Store. This gives you over 3600 language translation combinations to choose from. Alpha Translator not only translates text for you, but pronounces the translation as well. So, wherever you are, travelling, with friends, casually reading, or learning a new language, this app can be of great help. Moreover, you can opt in to learn new words and phrases and learn their translation. It also records your translation history, so be sure that you will not forget the translation of that word you learnt a couple of days ago. And all of this can be accessed without any signup or registration. Hold on! No need to worry if you have an Android phone with older versions of Android, it runs pretty smoothly on them.

translator android  app
So, let us take a deeper look at this free translator app for Android and see what it got.

As you open the app, a welcome page opens, followed by the main interface displayed in the above screenshot. This is the home screen of this translator app, Alpha Translator. As you can see, it is pretty straightforward and simple. It is pretty obvious that in the above two boxes, you need to set the languages for translation. In the left box, select the “from” language. On the right box, you will have to select the target or “to” language. After that, go to the bigger box below the language selection boxes. Here, type the word or phrase you want to translate and tap the Translate button.

Alpha Translator

To select a language of your choice, all you gotta do is tap on the small language boxes. There are 60+ majorly spoken languages available in the list from all across the World. The recently selected languages show up at the top of the list, so you do not have to scroll down every time you have to change the language for translation.

This app can be a big help for travelers and for language learners. How? As you translate a word or phrase, you will get the translated text along with the option to pronounce it. So no more tongue twisters with just the translated text. Just tap the speaker icon to listen to the translation.
Another good feature of Alpha Translator makes it different and advantageous over search engine based online translation. This multilingual translator android app records all your

Language translation activities. This will help you keep track of words you translated. This again can be really helpful for travelers and new language learners to quickly scroll and see previous translations.

Let me mention about this very good feature, where you get to learn new words and phrases everyday. This app gives you new words and phrases after every given interval of time. For each new word or phrase, you can view their translation and listen to their pronunciation. You can set the frequency of new words and phrases according to your choice. The frequency can be selected from one per day, one every 3 days, once per week, or never.

Closing Words
 Although various search engines can do the exact same job of translation for you, but they cannot be as good as alpha translator. How? You get to keep a track of words you translated, you get to learn new words, and all this happens in a really lightweight suite that barely occupies space on your phone. You can read more about this app

This is a guest post by ishan bansal