Google AdSense is probably the best program available in enabling internet bloggers and website owners to capitalize on their sites’ popularity. The revenue thus generated can be lucrative and worthwhile, however, it is necessary to check your domain as sites that are banned from Google AdSense will not have this option

The 5 Web Tools To Check Banned Adsense

There are various web app tools with which to check if a domain is banned by Google AdSense, and the top 5 are discussed here. The first one is the simple and basic method of manually checking the domain. In this case, conduct a standard Google search using the domain name. No results being returned generally will be an indication that the domain in question has been removed from the Google index. Clearly, new domains may also not achieve any results due to no pages or content being available in the index.
adsense banned check

The second web app tool used to determine and check whether a domain is banned from Google AdSense revenue is using any of several automated checking methods such as This is a simple tool whereby webmasters can enter their URL address and conduct an instant check.

Google Webmaster Tools

The third web app tool that is recommended for users who plan to utilize the income-generating capabilities of Google AdSense, is to make the most of the services available through the Google Webmaster Tools. Using these, the latest information regarding all aspects of a website can be examined, optimized and enhanced.

Google AdSense Sandbox

The fourth tool that prospective webmasters should include in their arsenal is the Google AdSense Sandbox. When using this tool, the display of an advertisement indicates that the site is in the index and not prohibited. This tool will also indicate exactly what the transgression is, and enable repairs to be conducted on the domain in order to be eligible for the program again.


The fifth, and final tool that should be part of any webmaster’s weaponry is a trusted eCommerce website builder like Shopify. Compiling a business website can be tricky, and having an expert to guide one through the process will eliminate all the pitfalls that cause a domain to become banned from Google AdSense by checking that the domain is ethically and correctly constructed. There is a multitude of reasons that cause a website to be removed from the Google index, and following instructions and guidance from professionals will make sure that the potentially lucrative AdSense program rules are sufficiently adhered to.

Alternative to Google AdSense

Are you banned by google AdSense then you are not alone huge amount of accounts are being banned by google since long time ago due to various type of reasons. The Common email you might get from google AdSense team is invalid click activity. Luckily there are so many AdSense alternatives to monetize your website but those will not work as AdSense. But if you have any website that getting traffic from USA, UK, and Canada then powered by Yahoo Bing will be your best choice for contextual ad. Sometimes this ad network even works better than AdSense that is depend on the niche. But you need quality contents. Otherwise, you can try Infolinks or Chitika.

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