Hi, you are landed on a good page for your search because I am also a person like you who searched for the same topic of learning online course short period of time ago. I spent so much of time to find the most suitable place to study. After that, I found a website called Udemy. Many questions were evolved from my mind about Udemy like is Udemy reputed to go, is it safe to pay money using credit/debit card, who will teach, quality of course materials,  Finally I found everything about Udemy. So let me say few things about Udemy.

learn and teach online courses from home in srilanka and india:E-learning
Udemy is an online teach and learning marketplace so what does it mean, in Udemy website students and lecturers can easily join by registering online form. Udemy only manages the whole tasks. For example payments between students and lecturers, conflicts and infrastructure. there are so many courses available now you can choose according to your needs, price, and reviews from other students that already enrolled for a particular course. They offer courses in main categories as follows

Development- game development, mobile apps, programming languages,  Databases, software testing, software engineering, web development, E-commerce, development tools.

Business-  entrepreneurship,  management, communication sales, strategy, operations,  business law, Finance, data & analytics, home business, human resources, industry, media, real estate, project management, other

IT & Software-  Network & security,  operating system, hardware, IT certifications, others.

Office productivity- apple, Microsoft, sap, google,  intuit, oracle, other, sales force

Personal development-  productivity, memory & study skill,  career development,  happiness, religion & spirituality, self-esteem personal brand myself-esteem, personal finance,  stress management,  motivation, creativity,  personal transformation, leadership, parenting & relationships, influence, other.
Design- interior design, graphic design, design tools, user experience, game design,  3D & animation, fashion, web design,  architectural design, design thinking, other.

Marketing- non-digital marketing, search engine optimization, marketing fundamentals, digital marketing,  social media marketing, branding,  analytics & automation, public relations, advertising, video & mobile marketing, content marketing,  growth hacking, affiliate marketing, product marketing, other.

Lifestyle- beauty & makeup, home improvement, food & beverage,  travel, gaming,  pet care & training, arts & crafts, other.

Photography- photography fundamental, travel photography, landscape, wedding photography, mobile photography, portraits, black & white, commercial photography,   wildlife photography, video design, photography tools, digital photography.

Health & fitness- general health, fitness,  sports,  yoga, mental health, self-defense, dance, meditation, nutrition, dieting,

Teacher training- instructional design, teaching tools, educational development,

Music- music techniques, vocal,  music software, instruments, production,

Academic- math & science, social science,  humanities.

Languages- English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese,  Japanese, German,   Chinese,  Latin, Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, french, other.

Test preparation- college entry,  international high school, grad entry exam, test taking skill.

Every course is being taught according to above main categories.    Sometimes you might think that the YouTube is best for learning using videos but that is not true at all because anyone can upload videos that may be deviated from academic standard and YouTube videos are not very well structured to study purposes.

Finally, I recommended Udemy platform to learn various courses from qualified lecturers. I have had personal experience with Udemy. Register now and learn for a discount price like me. And share your experience below comment section. Good luck.