Choosing a mobile network operating service is pretty tough especially when you have a number of service providers offering desirable offers and uninterrupted services. The fact is there are numbers of service providers out there who has jumped into this business of providing service with slashed prices and more perks. But when it comes to providing the services, they fail miserably. The messages sent don’t deliver, call drops occasionally and while surfing the internet, you have to literally run here and there to look for network coverage.

That is why we are here to help you choose which the best mobile network package is for you so that you can choose wisely. Let us discuss the Dialog Airtel Hutch Etisalat Mobitel package plans comparison and see which one is the best.

Dialog Airtel Hutch Etisalat Mobitel package plans comparison

Voice Calls Package Plans

The service providers now have different packages based on per second rate thus making voice calls cheaper than before. Airtel charges Rs 0.18 per second for airtel to airtel and airtel to other service providers.

Hutch, on the other hand charges 3 cents for both hutch to hutch and hutch to other connections. Etisalat,  charges Rs 0.03 per second for both Etisalat and other numbers if your credit balance is more than Rs 75/-.

If the credit balance is less than the stated, then the rate is flat Rs 1.50 per minute for all service networks. Mobitel has a similar rate like Etisalat charging Rs 1.50 for all outgoing calls. Dialog, which is the main service provider in Sri Lanka charges a slight increased rate of Rs 2 for other Dialog connections and Rs 1.50 for providers other than Dialog. The incoming call charges for all these network providers are free except when you are on roaming. In this case, charges may apply as per the network providers.

Sms Package Plans

The Sms plans vary on one day, ten days, twenty days and monthly basis for the different service plans. Airtel has a one day sms service at Rs 5 where you can send 30 messages daily and Rs 10 where you can send 70 messages daily. Pay Rs 50 and get to send 400 messages for 30 days on an airtel connection. Hutch, charges 25 cents flat for every sms sent, irrespective of the network. Etisalat charges 20 cents per message if your balance is both more and less than Rs 75/-.

Mobitel has its “Sms Texter Plan” where you pay Rs 5 and enjoy sending 30 messages for one day, Rs 44 for sending 275 messages for five days, Rs 99 for sending 645 messages for 10 days and Rs 145 for sending a whopping 1050 messages for 20 days. Dialog has a flat sms rate of Rs 0.20 for all connections.

Data connection Package Plans

Dialog offers you a daily rental internet package for Rs 20 where you get 100 MB free, 150 MB data for Rs 29 with a validity of three days, 350 MB data with validity of 7 days for Rs 49, 700 MB data at Rs 99 with a validity of 21 days and 2 GB data at Rs 199 with a validity of 30 days. Hutch offers 220 MB for Rs 18, 470 MB for Rs 48, 1.2GB for Rs 99 and 2.4GB for Rs 198

Apart from that, they have Day and Night Internet service, Non Stop Internet and other host of data packages. Etisalat has a host of internet packages with a maximum quota of 12 GB for Rs 1500 with a validity of 30 days and 135 MB for Rs 19, 510 MB for Rs 49, 1130MB for Rs 99 and 2GB for Rs 199.. Mobitel has internet services like Internet Chooti, 176 MB for Rs 29, 440 MB for Rs 49, 880MB for Rs 99 and 2180MB for Rs 198.

Charges of excess data usages shall be levied from the balance.