How To Recover Permanently Deleted Photos,Videos, Audios Word Documents files on Pendrive 16GB, 32GB And SD Card For Free

Recovery is the commonly used word in computing or mobile phone world. It is the process of getting back to normal, also recovery process is used to recover dead Smart Phones like iPhone, Samsung galaxy, Htc etc. Here we are going to see about data recovery acutely recovery is a simple process but newbies struggling to do it. There are several software available to get deleted photos back but most of them are paid software so you should pay the amount to complete recovery process.

Unlike that, we come here with a freeware software called Recuva to recover your deleted photos in android Samsung Galaxy, Htc, and LG or computer efficiently. This is our own experience with the software. We are not affiliated. You can recover not only deleted photos but also deleted video, audio, etc.  if you found any freeware software like Recuva, feel free to share your experience with us. Because every software has different performance level. One of the important things is that never remove the device while recovering process because it may cause the storage device to corrupted.
data recovery

Let’s we start the recovery process steps.
1. Download the Recuva software. It is important that you download the software from the genuine software provider directly without any installer software because it consists of additionally promoted software like toolbars, media player, even malware so always download directly from trusted sources.

2. Install the software as administrator mode. The installation will take less time due to less weight package. However, you can get deleted photos back if system configuration is best. After that, it is better to close any program running in the background like antivirus software because it will scan every directory and slow down the recovery scanning process but it is not recommended to deactivate the antivirus shield if your storage device has virus infected files.

3. Now open the software as administrator. ( right click run as administrator) wait for a moment until display the Recuva welcome wizard. Do not click on ‘do not show this wizard on startup‘ because the wizard is always easy to use by anyone and it will guide you step by step. Click on next bar.

4. Window will ask you, what sort of files are you trying to recover? The first option is All files which mean show all files with any extension. Second is pictures only. The third is music files only eg:.mp3, .m4a, WMA etc. fourth is documents files. Fifth is video files. Sixth is compressed files which are .zip, .rar extension files. The last one emails . Here we are going to choose 2nd option pictures only and then click next.
How to Get deleted Photos back in Mobile Phone  for free

5.  Now it will ask you the location of the file.
1st is ‘i’m not sure’ this will search everywhere on your computer. 2nd is ‘on my card or iPod’ this will search any removable drives except cd, floppies drives. 3rd is ‘In my documents’ this will search for deleted files on user document folders. 4th is ‘ in the recycle bin’ this search in recycle bin. 5th is ‘ in a specific location ‘ here you should manually browse the directory to scan for deleted files. Now we want to select 2nd option and click on next button.
How to Get deleted Photos back in Mobile Phone  for free

6. Click on the deep scan and click on start button. Wait until finished the scanning process.
Once finished, it will display the recoverable pictures in your Smart Phone. double click on the pictures and hit on recover button, this will ask you where to save the files. Choose your location and click ok. Wait until finished.
How to Get deleted Photos back in Mobile Phone  for free

Hopefully, this will never be complex for anyone even the one who never seen a computer before. If you know any method, feel free to share here.