How To Change Dialog 4G Router Wifi Password

The router is a network device used to connect the computer to a network to forward packets. inside the Dialog 4G WiFi router ( B310s-925, B310s-927 ) setting there is an option to change the WiFi password. it's very easy for the people who are experienced but newbies might be confused about it so don't need to worry, I will show you how to change the WiFi password.

1. Type the Dialog 4G Router internal IP address.

Every router has an internal IP address which is the identity of that router. you need to type the internal IP address in the address bar of the browser ( Chrome or Firefox ). your particular internal IP address will be written back of the router. default IP address is once you reached the home screen just login into router dashboard so that it will allow changing the setting.

How to change  Dialog 4G router wifi password
2. Click on the Settings Tab

Once you clicked,  it will show some list menu in the left side, point your cursor on the WLan text, once you clicked,  it will drop down and display some list options. the layout will change according to the router's firmware version so just focus on the keyword.

How to change  Dialog 4G router wifi password
3. Click on Wifi basic Settings.

There will be options like SSID, Security mode, WPA pre-shared key, SSID Broadcast. SSID is the name of the wifi connection. security mode is to select the wifi protected access which is security protocol to protect the entire network. it's better to choose WPA2 because two security protocol has more protection than WPA. the pre-shared key is the password of the wifi connection, tick on the show password thus make the password to text instead of dots.

Now you can choose your own password for your Dialog 4G WiFi router. last option is SSID broadcast if you do not want to see your wifi connection to other then you can easily disable the SSID broadcast but when you're trying to connect the wifi to any device, you should manually enter SSID. finally, apply changes. that's all if you have any problem with your router feel free to comment below.


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