Cheap IPhone Unlocking & icloud Services In Sri Lanka guide: Things You Should Take Care.

You landed this page then it means you are searching for the best cheap legitimate unlocking solution for your iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 6plus, 6s plus, 7,7plus. Unfortunately, most of the websites on the internet are scam. Obviously, their price tags are very cheap and animated videos will be played automatically. If you see any such websites , please avoid it completely because you will never get any response from that type of websites after you placed an order.

Usually, you know one thing that every smartphone like Samsung, Htc, Huawei, Nokia, is unlocked by unlock code. But iPhone unlocking is little bit different from others. Whether your iPhone is locked or unlocked, this information will be stored in Apple servers. They have all the information about your iPhone. You can use imei to check it.
IPhone factory unlocking service in Sri Lanka.

There are a lot of free iPhone IMEI checkers are available on the internet. You need to provide IMEI number of your iPhone to the supplier to start the unlocking process. That's after some days you will receive confirmation whether you iPhone is unlocked or rejected. That's it. This is the common process of iPhone unlocking but there are a lot if things need to take care of. I would like to explain these things in depth. We need to face 2 types of situation

Brand new iPhone unlocking

Brand new iPhones are easy to unlock and less risky. Most of the iPhones will already be unlocked and ready to use it with any carrier if you buy it for full payment. Then If you buy it for monthly installment from a carrier like Dialog, AT&T, Tenor, Netcom.

You cannot use with another carrier so you need to unlock your iPhone to make use of it. If your contract period is over with good account standing then you can request your carrier to unlock your iPhone for free. Or your iPhone contract is not expired with good account standing then you can unlock it with any iPhone unlocking company for some amount.

Used iPhone unlocking

Unlocking an used iPhone is very risky than any other because you need to check several things to determine whether your device is eligible for carrier unlocking or not first of all you need to check find my iPhone is turn on or not if yes and you know iCloud account password then you can proceed to carrier unlocking process. Otherwise, do not do it. In carrier unlocking process most of the used iPhones are block listed by the carrier for unpaid bills or reported as stolen. These devices are expensive to unlock or low success rate. So finally beware of used iPhone. If You want to ask anything please never hesitate to provide your comments below.