Hi guys today i am here with Tamil language installation to the new windows 8.1 or 7 . This will help you to read your stuff with your own language. But sometimes you can't understand some pure Tamil computer terms. most of the common People do not not try this . If your family is multilingual then this is very helpful.once you download the Tamil language pack and installed it on your PC fully then don't remove it . because it can cause "???" Mark instead of letters . don't afraid about virus problem because it is downloaded from Microsoft servers .

tamil language pack for windows 7 / 8.1

 Two installation methods 

  1. Control panel installation

  2. Direct download installation.
Control panel method is recommended to install. Because it reduces the errors.

Control panel installation

It is very easy to do by opening control panel. Follow the steps below shows.
  1. Go to control Panel , open language settings. 

  2. Then click "add language".

  3. After that you will see the several language list, search for your own language .

  4. Click on your matched language , add it your current list or if not already installed then download it .

Direct language pack downloads

This is the most effective and changeable fully or not. By using this you can change the primary display language effectively .

You should download language pack (approximate size 2mb ) manually. after downloading finished. click on the file . Wait some moments, it will execute and you should  finish the wizard.

Download links
Language pack for windows 8
Language pack for windows 7

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